5 Things You MUST Keep In Mind While Starting Your First Email Marketing Campaign

Now that you have everything in place for your new start-up – domain, business registration, website up and running, you are ready to launch your very first marketing campaign.  The success of this campaign depends upon you taking some very important steps from the initial stages.  Here are five things you MUST keep in mind:

1. You need a reliable email account.  

Most free email accounts online have specific limitations.  You can only send and receive so many emails before the account starts to bounce emails.  Aside from the fact that emails that end in “yahoo” or “gmail” and “Hotmail” simply look unprofessional, you really need to consider setting up a business email account that can handle the volume of emails you will be sending and receiving.

2. Start building your email list with an auto responder.  

Be sure that you have a good data capture box on every page of your website.  Visitors will land on your page, but they may not stay and you may never hear from them again.  Capture their information when they visit you the first time and you will be able to send them messages in the future.

3. Start up an email campaign with an email campaign provider.

 There are many to choose from, but you will want to start with a company that will allow you a certain number of subscribers for free.  You do not want to be paying monthly expenses for an email campaign provider if you do not have a very large list.  Some email campaign sending sites will allow you a free account because they know that successful marketers will eventually need to purchase paid accounts from them.  In the meantime, take advantage of all of the freebies the site offers for your email campaigns.

4. Concentrate on a single message on each campaign that you create.  

People are confused when you send them multiple messages and they do not understand what you want from them.  A clear message with a call to action is what you need to concentrate on, nothing more and nothing less.  You should work on building a solid relationship with your subscribers and gaining their trust.  People do not want to be smashed over the head with the “hard sell”; rather they want to know what you are willing to give them to keep them interested.  Always offer valuable freebies to your list subscribers to keep them subscribed.

5. Always proofread your message before you hit the “send” button.  

You can have the most amazing product, beautiful website and solid message, but if your email has typos, you lose credibility instantly.  Don’t make that mistake, it only takes a couple of minutes to read your message carefully and make sure it says what you want it to.  As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The first campaign that you set up will take a great deal of work, but as you learn the steps that are required for each campaign, it will definitely become easier for you to set up subsequent campaigns.

Sources: CanopyMedia