Top 5 Best Cheap And Natural Night Masks Worth Every Penny

Many of us use night masks for a number of reasons. Some to repair the daily damage, others to protect from natural aging. Whatever the underlying reason, leaving something on our skin, especially on the face has tremendous time to do good, and if unnatural, it also can do a lot of bad. That's why, I moved to using natural face masks. In the quest to get the right product, I looked at so many options, from making them myself to buying ready made and commercial ones. I learnt quite a bit from the experience and distilled my research to the 5 top natural night masks.

#5 Active Organics Face Night Mask

An amazing product made in Russia with no use of silicones, mineral oils and parabens. Included in this though are wild flowers extracts, calendula, chamomile, wheat protein, sea buckthorn and vitamins. There is a real benefit to this being from Russia because from what I've read, the ingredients in this mask come from the wild edges of Siberia and the Russian wilderness, where they grow in untouched climates and are as fresh as one can imagine. The buckthorn is especially potent and is used to moisturize the skin while the vitamins soften the skin's texture. This product works well especially if you need wrinkle reversal.

It retails on Amazon for about seven bucks for a 75ml tube. Just pinch some in your palm and gently spread it across your face then go to sleep. Wash it off with warm water in the morning. I placed this product at number five not because its the worst of the group, but because its better than most every other product I've looked at except the other four.

#4 Dr Hauschka Cleansing Mask

Most other masks do all kinds of things and soften and clean, but this one is fantastic because it exfoliates and cleans. The clay is meant to remove the dead skin in the face and thereby removing the dirt on it. It also allows the new skin to breath with the upper layer removed. This way the new skin is nurtured and the face is revitalized. The container contains finely ground clay that is blended with witch hazel that extracts back heads from pores while it exfoliates, leaving skin fairer.

The container holds 3.17 ounces and retails for under forty-five dollars on Amazon. It's one of the best I've come across not only because its pure and natural, but because it exfoliates and hydrates with such lasting effects. Short of making the makes yourself in the kitchen, this is one of the better alternatives. It rates 4.2 stars on Amazon, but I give it a 4.8 on my personal ranking.

#3 Pineapple and Papaya Exfoliating Enzyme

This gets to the number three spot because it can do what number four and five do plus it cools your face while its on. Its's an awesome feeling to cool and exfoliate at the same time. By the way, it also hydrates and rejuvenates using all natural and 95% organic material. The enzymes from the mask gently digest the dead skin on the face and this promotes natural growth of new skin sells, making them even softer and clearer.

At least  eight out of ten people gave this natural face mask a full five star rating and that's pretty awesome for me only because there weren't many dissenters pulling the curve the other way. Also, considering they use ingredients that are all natural and to make sire none of the chemicals get into our bodies, they use organic fruits. Love it. For less than twenty dollars for a 1.2-ounce jar is a pretty good deal especially compared to a lot of the chemical-filled masks that sell for so much more.

#2 Rivage Night Cream

If you have especially dehydrated skin, then this is the night mask for you. There are a number of masks that do different things, this one specializes in skin that is very dry. It uses jojoba oil to balance the moisture on the skin's surface and keeps it silky smooth. The dead sea minerals help with rejuvenation  and stimulate the processes within the skin's cells to increase skin elasticity.

The product was just introduced onto Amazon when I was researching it, but it has been around on other websites. I am not sure if it has any reviews on Amazon just yet. But there are two other night creams that are in the Dead Sea series, try them one at time, one has Avocado oil. It is simple to use, just apply every night before going to bed and leave it over night. Rinse in the morning and pat dry. The jar sells for under $45 for a 1.8-ounce jar.

#1 All Natural Clay Spot Treatment

One of the most effective masks one can find anywhere on the Internet. It contains 100% pure certified organic and wild crafted  ingredients. There are no petrochemicals or Benzoyl to bleach or damage tender facial skin. It only increases the skins own resources to fight the blemishes. It contains olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen and bee propolis. Just apply a thin layer over your face and leave it on through the night.

This 6.1-ounce bottle retails for under twenty dollars and has some very happy customers who rated it very well. It get 4 out of a possible 5 stars on average at Amazon and more than 55% gave it a full rating of 5 stars. Many did say that it felt oily to start but was eventually absorbed by the skin, which is exactly what you want when you are trying to hydrate and repair your face.

With masks, because the stay on your face for so long, you absolutely want it to be natural. Don't allow any chemicals to even touch your face, much less stay on an entire night while it soaks through your pores and you inhale it while you sleep. That's a double whammy. Use all-natural face masks that satisfy your needs, whether to hydrate, exfoliate or regenerate. There are enough essential oils and natural ingredients that can do the job better than a chemist's pantry.

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