The 5 Top Rated Natural Aromatherapy Products Sold On Amazon

It's not easy shopping for aromatherapy products. I find buying them online can sometimes be daunting, especially if you've never tried a particular brand or aroma. So after doing a lot of searching to find something online, I decided that I would save the next person a whole lot of surfing and searching by just putting together what I believe to be some of the best products on the market.

#5 Village Natural Aromatherapy Relax Vanilla and Cinnamon

This body soak is one of the best ways to combine aromatherapy with a moisturizing full body soak in a nice warm tub. This body soak comes in a 200ounce bottle and contains natural extracts of cinnamon and vanilla. It almost has a Christmas blend aroma to it, so the feel of joy and relaxation is sure to follow soon after the first hint of aroma hits our senses. While the mind is lulled by the aroma, the body is pampered with a soft touch.

Looking at customer reviews this one is proof enough that on the balance, most people agree that this is a superb bath and aromatherapy combo. It's inexpensive too, a 20 oz bottle that's good for about ten baths costs less than eight bucks. They also have a lavender and chamomile soak which is great.

#4 Village Naturals Therapy Aches and Pains

This one has it all, the aroma therapy that calms the mind plus the minerals also to soak into your skin, softening them and soothing aching muscles. This aromatherapy is also a soak and contains eucalyptus, chamomile and rosehips. It also contains vitamins that rejuvenate the skin. The eucalyptus is an age old remedy for aching muscles, chamomile on the other hands is a known to relax the mind and comfort he soul. It is especially good for tired joints.

Customer reviews always provide interesting insight into the product. It was no different in this case as well. Many reviewers, more then 60% rated it five stars on Amazon and other online stores. A 20-ounce bottle retails for less than $15 the last time I checked. Now, I wouldn't use this one all the time, but I would definitely keep it handy. It works really well on those long shopping days when my feet are just aching or when I sprain my shoulder from over stretching at tennis.

#3 French Lavender Essential Oil

Now doesn't that name just say it all. What more could you want if the words French and Lavender are in the name? And these are especially brilliant considering that they come from pure French-grown lavender flowers. This little 1.8-ounce bottle contains undiluted and 100% pure steam-distilled oil. No additives, no carriers or mixers. It comes in bottle with a medicine dropper. So it looks like something out of an old apothecary's store. This stuff is concentrated, so don't use more than two to three drops in the diffuser.

Because its natural, it can even be added to bath salts, or the laundry so that your cloths end up smelling great. try adding to pot pourri, directly into your bath, or even shampoo, candles and other neutrally-scented massage oils. Over 90% of those who bought this kept consistently rating it as a 5-star product. There was even a comment that gave e a good idea to "put a drop on the pillow before going to sleep." For a 1.8-ounce bottle under thirty dollars, it is well worth its weight in gold.

#2 Tea Tree Oil

When you are looking at an essential oils especially for aroma therapy, make sure you get them 100% pure, like this tea tree oil. Especially when it comes to aromatherapy, if there is any blending, you want to be the one doing it, so that you know exactly what is going on in to what you're inhaling. By the way, tea tree oil is a great antiseptic and is germicidal as well. This is one of those scents that I use a lot of in the summer. Sitting by the patio, burning these outdoors keeps the mosquitos away.

The 16-ounce bottle is less than fifty bucks and lasts quite a bit. This is one of the oils I suggest always keeping handy because of its germicidal properties, so anytime there are scrapes and cuts, it works well. Another thing I found handy with the kids is place a few drops in their bath and that keeps the mosquitoes away from them when we are out on summer evenings. This particular brand fetched 4.8 stars on average with an overwhelming 70% of customer reviews awarding it five stars.

#1 Nature's Kiss Sandalwood Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oil is to aroma, to me, what olive oil is to cooking. The benefits I have gained from sandalwood in my candles and sometimes in my bath are amazing. This little 10ml bottle contains steam-distilled sandalwood oil. Because of its purity, it is on the medium to thick side in consistency. This product from as far as I can tell is not diluted at all, so you just on drop of this in a bath is enough to just wake up your limbic system. If you are into making candles, which I am thinking about, just add this to it or you can put this on the burner, but don't use one drop in the burner as its too concentrated for that. Use a one drop in a 500 mil water bottle then just shake it up and use that to top off your burner.

Over 95% of those who bought this rated this 5-stars. On average its a 4.8-star product at amazon. Comments were one's like "happy" and "wonderful" were abound among the comments. Sandalwood is great and this particular product is well made and is worth every penny.

If you went on Amazon and searched for aromatherapy, you would find a lot of different products listed there. Now I haven't tried all of them but the products I listed here are the best ones I could find based on all the reading I did when I was looking for aromatherapy across the web. These 5 top rated natural aromatherapy products I've researched should be something that you keep at home at all times in addition to any of the other personal tastes you have. It is the start of your own aromatherapy "get well" kit.

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