The 5 Top Rated Natural Deodorants Sold On Amazon

Deodorants are something that is part of civilized society today. Without it, be prepared to be shunned and ostracized, and rightfully so. The good thing though is that there is no longer any need to subject your body to the usually chemical suspects contained in mass produced, deodorants like parabens, synthetic ingredients and petrochemicals or aluminum. For me, putting on something that was synthesized in the lab is a big no-no. So I started looking around and came up with a the top five top rated natural deodorants.  

The key thing is to understand that our underarms emit odors only because it begins to incubate bacteria colonies. The perspiration itself has no odor to speak of, but the moist and warm crevasse of the underarm is a nice nook and soon bacteria builds up and it is their excretions that cause the odor. Most deodorants and antiperspirants use aluminum to block the arms from sweating. The natural one, doesn't block the sweat, it just blocks the bacteria. 

#5 Weleda Wild Rose

The Weleda Wild Rose is one of the best deodorants on the market. It is a non-aerosol spray without the aluminum salts, so right there we are ahead of the game. Do you have any idea what aluminum salts do to your skin? Well first there is the possibility of contact dermatitis, but that's not so bad when compared to the possibility of overwhelming your kidneys. In any case I don't like the idea of blocking my sweat glands, which is what the aluminum is designed to do.  

The Weleda deodorant is not an antiperspirant, so you're still going to perspire, but because it kills the bacteria and keeps it bacteria-free, there will be no odor emanating. The one at Amazon I like is the 3.4-ounce bottle that comes in a pump-spray and smells like wild roses. Each spritz feels like a refreshing mist of cool water. The customer reviews  for this product were indicative of its quality. Not only were more than 80% positive, more than 60% were actually full marks. When I was looking at the reviews, I noticed that it fell broadly into two parts; the ones who loved the fragrance and the ones who loved the comfort. But one thing everyone agreed with was that it did the job. 

#4 Erbaviva Jasmine & Grapefruit

Here is another deodorant, free from aluminum salts and chemicals. It smells like a floral bouquet according to a number of the customer reviews, and that makes sense because its made from organic lemon, sandalwood, patchouli and organic tea tree oil. for those of you uncertain what patchouli is, it's a from the mint family. It comes in Lemon Sage fragrance as well as Jasmine Grapefruit. From the reviews, it looks like the Jasmine Grapefruit works better for women and the Lemon Sage suites the guys. 

There aren't many reviews on Amazon for this product because they just started carrying it. The reviews are pretty mixed here at the moment but my scan is not just limited to Amazon. I do scour the net for stuff like this all day long. So all the other places I looked for reviews did tell me that more people thought it was really great than those who thought it wasn't too good. It's under twenty bucks at Amazon for a 100ml bottle. Among the top 5 natural deodorants, this one's the one if you're buying it for your man. 

#3 Burt's Bees Herbal Deodorant

This all-natural herbal deodorant does ot block the armpits from perspiring. Stopping a natural body function that is meant to release toxins as well as regulate temperature is not the best way to go about things. Instead attack the odor where its more apt. In this case it's the bacteria that's being targeted. You will continue to perspire, but there won't be any odor. It uses a blend of lemon and lavender together with sage to neutralize odor-causing bacteria.

Most of the customer reviews on Amazon  reflect the views of other users across the web, from all my research. What impresses me about this product is that it uses sage. Now we all know sage can be used in culinary as well as medicinal context. It's used  a lot in thanksgiving dinners to aid digestion and it is a valuable ally in fighting colds and fevers. Basically, sage and bacteria don't mix. This pack of three 4-ounce bottles should last about a month and only set you back about thirty bucks. 

#2 Miessence Tahitian Breeze Roll-On

The biggest reason this one is at number two is because it is a deodorant that lasts long. One application takes you through the work day then nicely washes of in the shower. It is an absolutely natural product free from the petrochemical toxins and aluminum salts. Instead it contains aloe vera juice, baking soda, lime essential oil, patchouli essential oil and geranium natural oil.

The 2.2-ounce roll-on retails for under ten bucks where ever I've seen it. Most places on the web and even Amazon have customer reviews that teeter between great to so-so. But its not so much the nay sayers that deter, its more the amount of positive reviews and what they say that convinces me if it's worth the time of day. In this case, Miessence is definitely in my good books. 

#1 Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream

Yes, this one's a cream, not a roll-on or a spray. It applies easy, and stays on for a few days even after a shower. It is aluminum-free and does not contain anything created in a chemistry lab. Looking at the customer reviews, I'd say everyone was impressed with how long it lasts. One person even commented that it lasts up to two weeks. I don't know about two weeks but it certainly does its job for the first five to six days.

In the Amazon rating scale more than 50% of the ratings were 5 stars. One thing a commenter said that struck me to be true was that the reason it lasts so long is that the cream attacks the odor-causing bacteria and does not seek to cover up the smell the bacteria causes. That's basically the whole point. At less than fourteen bucks, this cream lasts quite some time and that's why it site on top of my list. And for those who have stinky feet, well this one works there as well. Just apply it to your feet and taking off your gym shoes in public  will never be a problem again. 

Whether it's a cream, a roll-on or a spray what's is important is that it doesn't contain aluminum or petroleum products. Remember that whatever you apply to your skin that gets absorbed eventually needs to be filtered or detoxified by the kidney or liver. The aluminum salts that are used in antiperspirants eventually tax the kidneys and there are even some studies that point to possible breast cancer. Just take a look at the NCBI  abstract. So why take the risk? Stick to natural deodorants and enjoy your active life. 

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