The 5 Top Rated Natural Massage Oils ... Sold On Amazon

Massages are one of two ways to release the endorphins in your body. The other is rigorous exercise. If you're not sure what endorphins are , then you are sorely missing out one of life's most potent defenses by increasing the potency of our immune system. I am a big fan of massages, and I am a big fan of nature, natural food, natural healing, so it's no big surprise that I am also big into natural massage oils. So this top 5 rated natural massage oil list is based on some of my own experiences and of the reviews I read religiously before buying anything.

#5 Natural Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is a favorite of mine, but let me just tell you right now, that its not listed as a massage oil. This extra virgin coconut oil is pure enough to consume, and it says so right on the packaging. This particular oil is made under sanitary and hygienic conditions so applying to your hair, face or your entire body during a massage is absolutely fine. The container comes with 48 ounces and retails at Amazon for $37.99, a steal if you ask me. One more thing, it is non-GMO and it's cold pressed and unbleached.

I've read a lot of reviews on a lot of products, because I never buy anything online or off without first seeing what people say about it. This particular massage all made my jay drop. There were over 1500 users that gave this product 5 stars. You read that right, all 1500 users ranked this extra virgin coconut oil five stars.

#4 Natural Sweet Almond Oil

Almond oil is something that is widely used in the world of massages. I didn't understand it at first, being caught up with the usual olive and coconut oils. Then I tried it and finally experienced what everyone was telling me, so now I have a bottle of almond oil handy. Almond oil provides the perfect consistency when massaging and it nourishes the skin without any of the harsh fragrances and doesn't clog my pores. Just remember if you do have any nut allergies, then this is not for you. They come in multiple sizes, I got the 16-ounce bottle for under ten dollars.

The almond oil I get from Amazon is 100% pure almond oil and does not contain any preservatives and is edible. You can use it in salads to give it a good nutty flavor. Would you believe that over 400 people voted this as a five star product at Amazon? Off course there were some dissenters, but that is to be expected.

#3 Natural Grapeseed Oil

Natural grape seed oil massages are absolutely fabulous. I love the coconut, I love the almond, but when I get stressed, I run for the hills with my grape seed oil. Everyone has their own favorite, this one is definitely one of mine. It's 100% cold pressed. The seeds are 100% certified organic and they are exclusively harvested from the Pinot Noir black wince grapes from the Sonoma area in California. By the way, I have to add that it is USDA certified organic. Now you see why this deserves a number three spot in my ranking.

Grape seed massages relieve back tensions for me like no other oil. By the way, this one is food grade too, so you can use it as a great salad dressing. There are more than 70% of the reviews about this product on Amazon that gave it a full five-star rating. At $12.95 for a 120ml bottle of 100% organic grape seed oil, you can't get much better value than that.

#2 Natural Jojoba Oil

I am pretty discerning when it comes to my massage oils, so coming in at number two is no small feat. But this Now Foods Jojoba oil is just something that deserves it's place in the sun. If nature had not invented olive oil, which is my number one, jojoba oil would take it's place. This is a highly moisturizing oil and can be used for body, face and hair.

For a full massage, begin at the toes and work your way up to the scalp with this oil. It has nourishing lubricant properties and allows the masseuse to apply significantly more pressure without scrapping the skin. With firmer pressure, the higher release of endorphins. The 4-ounce bottle retails on Amazon for $8.94 and comes with over 300 five star ratings from everyday folks who just loved how they felt after a using it for all kinds of other purposes, from hair oil to hand moisturizer. I guess they don't know my little secret of using it as a massage oil. But you do.

#1 Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

So here we have it, my favorite natural massage oil, and it's even good enough to eat. Colavita is one of my favorite brands of olive oil. It is cold pressed in Italian farms only one day after the harvest. It is as fresh as can be and you can taste the goodness. Olive oil is nature's gift to mankind. A daily regimen of olive oil intake and frequent full body massages, not to mention olive oil hand and face rubs will keep your skin young, your health in good shape and you will have occasion to always smile.

You can find Colavita at Amazon. It sells for $84.66 for a six pack of 17-ounce bottles. Keep it in a cool, dark place and use it for your food as well. Being massaged with extra virgin olive oil is good for dry skin and for pain relief. I am in such bliss after my olive oil massages, I usually fall right off to sleep. In the morning the oil is usually all soaked in to my skin and it doesn't even feel greasy. I just love my olive oil.

Whether it's olive oil, jojoba oil, grape seed, almond or coconut oil, a massage is always a fantastic experience. I find that massages make everything clear and keep my day sane aside from keeping me in good shape. I love the lull the endorphins cast over me as the course my veins and I love the peace that ensues. My massages are something I can never do without an d these five natural massage oils definitely do the trick.

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