The 5 Top Rated Natural Skin Care Products Sold On Amazon

The skin is one of the most resilient parts of the human body. It protects us from UV rays, helps regulate our temperature, retains moisture at the proper level and keeps our insides inside. And for all the hard work it does, it is also constantly rejuvenating itself, stretching and contracting depending on our girth. As we mature, the tenacity in which it does its job begins to diminish, and it becomes our turn to help it along. For this purpose, for as long as civilization has been recorded, there has always been some concoction that helped boost and repair this natural shield of ours. On a quest to find the five top rated natural skin products, we turned to Amazon and weren't disappointed by user-tested reviews of these natural skin care choices.

#5 Natural Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle Firming Cream

This little 0.3 ounce-bottle has a lot of natural goodness packed in to it and a lot of means stuff left out. It is meant to naturally rejuvenate the eye area, the first place age beings to show, by reducing the dark circles, the puffy eyes and the bags. The snow-white cream also encourages the natural production of collagen that soon smooths away the wrinkles. There aren't any additives, unnatural preservatives, parabens nor free radicals, that could land up doing more harm than good.

On average the product carried 4.8 out of Amazon's 5.0 stars in customer ranking. An added benefit was a user's comment that it was "agreeable with my very sensitive skin." This product lists on Amazon for $79.00 but is usually on sale for $49.

#4 Burt's Bees Natural Skin Care for Men

Additionally, it contains sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, lemon peel, rosemary leaf, chamomile extract and cocoa seed butter among others. It sounds more like something you frost your cupcakes with rather than use as a shaving cream. This natural skin care product retails on Amazon for $19.17. Users voted this one up because it resulted in "fewer nicks and cuts, and an overall more comfortable shave."This shaving cream is an essential for men because of the harsh nature of shaving. Without the cream, shaving on bare skin is just placing cold, sharp steep on tender facial skin. Each time, minuscule lacerations, hundreds in number, perforate the face. The only protection you can offer the skin is something that can naturally protect the invasion of germs. The cream comes in a 2.1-ounce tube and uses Calendula and Linden extract to calm the skin.

#3 Olivella Moisturizer Body Lotions

As the name suggests, this is pure virgin olive oil. It is an all-natural product without any of the chemical additives. So it is best that you keep this out of the sunlight and in a cool place. This body lotion comes in a 4.8 ounce bottle and just requires a few drops to go on. Olive oil is a natural cell enhancer. Applying it before going to sleep allows the natural contents to soak through the pores and the skin and revitalize the different epidermis layers, not just the outer layer of the skin.

The reviews for this product from user, which catapulted this up to the third spot across all Amazon natural skin care products. Users rated it on average 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. The raved that it "not greasy and nice and soft without being greasy." All this goodness at only $14.96 at Amazon.

#2 Devita Natural Skin Care

Coming in at the coveted second position is the Devita Natural Skin Care. It comes in a 50 milliliter tube and is a light moisturizer made from aloe-vera gel, coconut, chamomile, apricot kernel oil, Vitamin E and frankincense oil. This light moisturizer is especially suited to those with oily skin and prone to breakouts. But it really works on everyone else to. It is after all all-natural.

Comments were positive throughout for this rather inexpensive moisturizing solution. Just $20.60 at the Amazon store. The best way to describe it, is a s one of the many customers wrote, "Love this product, goes on smooth and soaks in quick."

#1 Weleda Skin Food

Finally, at the number one spot of the top five natural skin care products sold on Amazon is the Weleda skin food. It is designed for rough skin that's been brutalized by dryness. The organic and natural calendula flower is used as the base ingredient to nourish and care for tired skin. It rejuvenates beautifully while rehydrating and firming skin. Using natural sunflower extract along with sweet almond and beeswax, rosemary and coumarin, among other natural ingredients, users a left with lesser wrinkles and a brighter looking skin.

They really meant it when the called it skin food, because this 2.6 ounce tube comes with all the nutrients the skin needs to perk itself up to a youthful exuberance. Users couldn't praise it enough with over 70 out of the 115 reviews giving it 5.0 stars and labeling with verbal accolades of "wonderful" and "the best" and that "It has a nice smell too."

The 5 top rated natural skin care products sold on Amazon are truly something that needs to be in everyone's healing basket at home. For both women, and men, nature's answer to better skin is always better than chemical concoctions mixed up in the apothecary's pistil and mortar. There are a number of other Amazon skin car products, just take a look, there's bound to be something that suits your needs.

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