The 5 Top Rated Natural Toothpastes ... Sold On Amazon

We use toothpaste every single day. There is nothing else that I expose my self to more than my toothpaste. It's there in the morning, after meals and before I get to bed. With that amount of exposure, I certainly do not want my toothpaste to have any ingredients that are going to harm your oral cavity or enter your digestive tract and cause other health issues. In my opinion, there is no doubt that whatever passes your lips needs to be natural and that's the basis for this top 5 rated natural toothpastes list. It turns out, every where I looked the only ones that satisfied my stringent measures for natural came from Ayurvedic lines.

Best Natural Toothpaste #5 Auromere Toothpaste

Ayurvedic formula's usually are very strict about what we consume. In the case of toothpaste, there are two ingredients that are strictly from nature's kitchen. The first is from the Salvadora persica, or Peelu, in India. It has been used for ages as a natural toothbrush and even called the toothbrush tree. The second ingredient is Neem. Neem is within the mahogany tree family and has been used for ages as a tooth cleaner. Together with Neem and Peelu, the toothpaste contains 22 additional roots and barks of various trees and plants used in Ayurvedic circles to provide a clean and hygienic oral cavity.

When I checked the Amazon review page for this product there weren't many reviews yet but all of them, 100% rated it 5 stars. I am not at all surprised with that considering all the other websites and reviews I read about this brand and its contents. Not only that is clean the teeth and mouth but it also has the ability to whiten the teeth without then need for harsh bleaching.

Best Natural Toothpaste #4 Vicco Vajradanti Ayurvedic Medicine For Teeth

This is a toothpaste that can be used daily for healthier teeth and gums. There is not a lot of review on Amazon's site but there are a lot of other places that talk about this paste. It's simple, not frills and comes in a tube like most other toothpastes. This product is no t animal tested and have no animal ingredients and no sweeteners and harsh chemicals like fluoride.

Those who did review it did say that as far as cleaning teeth, it kit the mark. The problem really was with the taste that some could not get used to. It is pretty strong from what I can tell only because its got a strong ingredient and that there are no efforts to mute it using chemicals. Believe it or not, is retails for less than a dollar of a tube and it's something you should get when you are buying something else so that you can combine the shipping.

Best Natural Toothpaste #3 Namboodiri's Ayurvedic Toothpaste

This one appeals to me because of it's exceptionally high feedback from across the web. The toothpaste is made in India by an upcoming company. So far their products have been on the mark and this toothpaste is especially a hit. Between removing old tartar buildup and keeping new buildup from happening, teeth and gums stay healthy and smell fresh.

Across the web, more than 90%, form my count, gave it their thumbs up. The downside was that it can get pretty expensive if you just bought one item and so product plus hipping and handling can get up to about twenty bucks. Not something one equates with a tube of toothpaste. But the trick is to go shopping at Amazon when you have a list of things to buy and get them all together, cutting down your shipping cost.

Best Natural Toothpaste #2 Earthpaste

This toothpaste has no fluoride, no preservative and is totally organic. Although it does have tea tree oil, and if you are allergic to it, this may not be for you. The other ingredients in this are water, Redmond clay Xylitol, peppermint essential oil, menthol and salt. It seems to clean teeth and strengthen enamel, based on customer reviews.

Across the web, there are plenty of good things that people have to say about it. From what I've read, I am pretty confident that there is significant benefit to this product and if it weren't tacky, I may have gifted this for Christmas last year. Since I can't do that, I'll just include it in my top five.

Best Natural Toothpaste #1 Desert Essence Toothpaste

This one takes the number one spot because ot has very simple ingredients ant its all natural without even a single exception There is only tea tree oil and Neem. I've mentioned both of these in other products. A 7-ounce tube retails for less than nine bucks and what it gets you is a whole lot of goodness without the artificial preservatives, no fluoride, no sweeteners, no coloring or harsh abrasive chemicals. tea tree oil is a very good antiseptic and anti bacteria. The baking soda in it, helps neutralize the mouths natural acidity and keeps it from decaying the enamel. It also aids in whitening the teeth.

Customer reviews for this toothpaste was quite extraordinary. You should read them if you get the chance. More than 70% of those survey across different websites all gave it the highest possible ranking. On Amazon alone it it exceeded 65% in five-stars. "Unbeatable" cried some, others liked it for "texture, flavor, all of it."

There are a few contentious issues in my mind when it comes to a healthy toothpaste. Fluoride is one of them. fluoride by itself can be rather toxic and over the years, accumulating the toxicity can result in adverse effects in later life. At least that's what I am afraid off. I just want to keep my toothpaste simple and as long as it cleans my teeth and its natural, I am good to go.

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Sep 23, 2013
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Hi, thanks for sharing this

Hi, thanks for sharing this informational blog. Natural toothpaste has been getting popularity. trust on ayurveda has been improving regularly.