5 Of The World’s Most Strange And Unique Hotels

There are lots of hotels around the world that offer comfortable accommodations for travelers, but some of them are far more memorable than others with unique themes, décor, and unusual locations that really stick out in visitors' minds. Here are some of the 5 most strange and unique hotels from around the world.

#5 Strange & Unique Hotel: India's Wild Canopy Reserve

Wild Canopy HotelWild Canopy Hotel

If you're looking to get up close and personal with the animals during a trip to India, but want to remain just far enough out of their reach. The unique hotel is near the Masinagudi Wildlife Park and each of the accommodations are tree houses built high up in the branches. All of the tree houses at the Wild Canopy Reserve are 41 feet above the ground, and while they might not look like the have much going on in them - some simple amenities like a toilet and hot and cold running water are available in each of the unique accommodations.

India's Unique HotelIndia's Unique Hotel

Due to restrictions being put in place by changes in ownership of the nearby wildlife park, the Wild Canopy Reserve is not currently offering accommodations, although they do promise that operations will resume so more travelers can get the unique experience that their hotel has to offer.

#4 Strange & Unique Hotel: Brazil's The Exploranter Overland Hotel

Exploranter Overland HotelExploranter Overland Hotel

This hotel is "located" in San Paolo, Brazil...and "located" is in quotations simple because this is one hotel that doesn't remain in only one place. Although it stays in the area for those visiting Brazil, it's a hotel that's really a bus on wheels so it goes all over the place so visitors can feel just like rock starts traveling in these classy, moving accommodations. The hotel and wheels has 28 beds, which require guests to stay in accommodations similar to a hostel, but there is a kitchen, hot showers, and plenty of sets; plus, everyday you wake up in the Exploranter Overland Hotel, it's a new adventure with a new place to explore.

Brazil's Unique HotelBrazil's Unique Hotel

#3 Strange and Unique Hotel: Sweden's Woodpecker Hotel



For those that just can't remain high enough in their accommodations, there's another tree house style hotel, but this one's located in Sweden. It's among the smallest hotels in the world, and the accommodations are unique but quaint.  The only way to access the hotel 13 meters up a tree is by a sturdy rope ladder, and once at the top there's a great view of a public park in Sweden.

#2 Strange & Unique Hotel: Switzerland's Whitepod Hotel

Whitepod HotelWhitepod Hotel

Whitepod Hotel is a ski resort with unique accommodations 1,7000m in altitude up the Swiss Alps. Its 15 pods are designed to bring people closer to the environment, with comfortable accommodations that still offer an element of luxury. Staying in the pods, visitors are nestled right in the snow and have access to their own private chairlifts as well as a central chalet with a restaurant and other amenities open to all of the guests of the unique Swiss Resort. Staying at the Whitepod Hotel has a bit of a feel of camping, so it's a more rustic experience that visitors receive without having to face the elements in discomfort.

Switzerland's Unique HotelSwitzerland's Unique Hotel

#1 Strange & Unique Hotel: Spain's Puerta America Hotel

Puerta America HotelPuerta America Hotel

This hotel is an architecture and interior design lover's dream, with every floor of the hotel designed by a different group of designers. The Puerta America Hotel delivers an aesthetic experience like no other. It's a 5-star luxury hotel which is the first of its kind to take on such a design project, and it really encourages visitors to interact with the space through sight and touch, since their designs engage all of the senses. Designs on each floor of the hotel carry through the public areas, so visitors don't have a limited experience based on the location of their rooms!

Spain's Unique HotelSpain's Unique Hotel


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Sep 26, 2009
by Anonymous

Love to see Franchise these Hotels:

Love Hotels 5,4,1.
#5 is ideal for HI, Mexico, USVI.
#4 can be anyplace, Real Neat.
& #1 should be anyplace alone.

Dump these tired Hiltons & Sheratons, Marriotts etc. Ick.

Franchise Spains Hotel #1 to the US.

#4 can pick U up at the Airport or some Centralized locale for Touring alone.