5D Behavior Engine to Help Robots Path Plan



When it comes to walking there is a lot more going on then you might think. After all for humans as long as we have a pair of working legs, we can pretty much walk. We don’t always do it with as much precision as we would like, as anyone who has hit the pavement with their face instead of the bottom of their sneaker can attest to, but we can walk.

For a robot however legs are not enough. They have to learn to do something that we do innately. They have to figure out the best way, or at least a functional way to get from point A to point B. This task, known as path planning, is tricky for robots on the go.


One new platform is trying to make that easier. The platform is called the 5D Behavior Engine, and it being made by Segway Inc. The system is designed to help robots to follow a series of set targets through an environment, even in complex or cluttered situations. The trick? These scientists based their navigation of the mule, which have been doing just that for centuries.


Source: Extreme Tech

Image: Morgue File