5G Internet is Coming - But How Will We Use It?

The much talked about “internet of things” is an audacious plan to connect all manner of ordinary devices to the internet, from refrigerators to garden hoses. But it could be argued that today’s internet simply doesn’t have the juice to pull it off. According to a report by networking giant Cisco, internet traffic will increase 11 times over by 2018 as a result of the advancement of connected devices. Considering that many people still suffer from frustrating latency issues when using services such as Facetime, how is every device in the world supposed to communicate over today’s inadequate internet infrastructure? It isn’t. Enter the 5th Generation (5G) Internet.

5G Internet and the Internet of Things5G Internet and the Internet of Things

Last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain showcased a whole host of upcoming mobile innovations. But what attendees seemed be the most interested in was the promise of the next generation of internet, even though most of Europe’s top mobile providers didn’t seem to have a clue exactly what it would entail. Nevertheless, companies and governments across the world are pledging billions of dollars to make 5G a reality by 2020.

Because of the rapid expansion of technology, no one is really sure how 5G will impact the world. But if a South Korean government proposal offers any glimpse, 5G will be huge. The South Koreans announced earlier this year that they plan to invest billions of dollars in a 5G mobile network which would, in theory, allow users to download full length HD movies in just a few seconds.

So while tech giants plan “smart cities” in which almost every device is connected to the network, and by default to each other, world governments and giant technology countries are lining up to pledge billions of dollars to  make it a reality – even if they don’t quite know what that means.

Apr 2, 2014
by jeffmarlon
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Well 5G internet is a

Well 5G internet is a reality which will come in future because we can see the rapid speed of technology from time to time and according to my opinion, the internet will be restricted to the mobile devices because smartphones are getting popularity and the quantity of users to shop online through their smartphyones is increasing day by day. Also, those companies will win that are offering iPhone and Android application development services.