6 Really Helpful Makeup & Grooming Aids For Those With Low Vision

As you get older, some things get more difficult. Putting on beauty products and cosmetics is one of those. 

Tasks that require the application of tools to groom or beautify are difficult to manuever for those with poor vision. Among boomers and seniors, 80 percent are affected by significant vision loss due to presbyopia or macular degeneration. Prescription lenses or reading glasses help with reading, if you read at a precise distance, but what about other activities like grooming or applying makeup? 

Here are six tools that are very helpful for seniors and others with reduced vision.  If you know anyone whose vision is not as good as it used to be, these make terrific gifts.




1.  Flolight Daylight 10X Magnifying Mirror


Floxite 10X Daylight Magnifying MirrorFloxite 10X Daylight Magnifying Mirror


Floxite is well-known for making great no-distortion makeup mirrors and the 10X Daylight Magnifying Mirror is a favorite. Natural 'daylight' is provided by a 100 watt bulb surrounding the mirror that can bend and swivel a bit to accommodate your desired angle. This Floxite does not have a 1X side; it is strictly a magnifying mirror.

If you would like one with both a 1X and 10X, I really like the Conair Natural Daytime Lighted Mirror. It has a double sided mirror  and uses a flourescent bulb that produces a bright natural looking light  I also think it is really pretty.



2.   Travel Compact With Plain And 10X Mirrors


Floxite Compact With Plain & 10X Magnifying MirrorsFloxite Compact With Plain & 10X Magnifying Mirrors


This lovely Floxite Compact is practical and elegant. You won't miss your lips with the 10X view and then you can get your overall effect by flipping to the 1X side. The case is in cobalt blue.

If you think a lighted LED Magnifying Mirror would be more helpful, Gotofine makes a LED travel light mirror that offers 10X magnification. There's also a 5X Led travel compact mirror in a very pretty teal.



3. Ritzy Readers Reading & Makeup Glasses


Ritzy Readers Makeup ReaderRitzy Readers Makeup Reader


One cool pair of Makeup Readers from Ritzy Readers! Yes, you can use them for reading, but those little hinges make all the difference for makeup application.  Flip one lens down, apply your shadow and mascara, and then switch!  Lenses come in diopters 1.25 to 4.00.  Eyeglass case included.


4. Revlon Bright Light Tweezers


You would be amazed what a small ray of light can accomplish when it comes to identifying a single hair off your eyebrow line.  The stylish case and mirror are bonus features of these very practical Revlon Spotlight  Tweezers.


5. TouchBeauty Mascara Applicator Makeup Tool


If you have trouble putting on mascara cleanly without smears, the TouchBeauty Mascara Tool may really be  helpful. It helps protect your upper and lower eyelids from mascara smears and it also comes with an LED light to make detail work on your eyelashes much easier to see.  You just use the applicator tool as a guide when you are putting on your mascara and then wipe it off for the next time.

6. Acrobat LCD 3-In-1 Electronic Desktop Magnifier

Acrobat LCD 3-In-1 Electronic Desktop MagnifierAcrobat LCD 3-In-1 Electronic Desktop Magnifier


Imagine looking into a monitor as if it were a mirror! It takes about 5 minutes to get used to it, and then you're on your way to applying those delicate eyeliners or trimming your sideburns. 

The Acrobat LCD line of vision aids is really outstanding for those who are dealing with vision loss due to macular degeneration.  All of them consist of a powerful Sony camera attached to a monitor.  The camera focuses on your face, or on a page in a book, or on any objects, near or far away.  The monitor magnifies the object up to 65 times its original size.  The monitor stand and the camera move with extremely flexibility and are computer compatible (with additional hardware). 

This model comes with a 19" display, but Acrobat makes several sizes. Read more about the Acrobat LCD line of low vision products at EnhancedVision.com.

I hope you find my helpful gadgets for older women to put on makeup helpful. Do you have any makeup tools or tips for low vision?

Keeping you posted....


Created October 2014 and updated December 2015.

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