A $62 Dishcloth That Stands Up

Eva Solo DishclothEva Solo Dishcloth
How can I use a Viva® Scrub or cellulose sponge on my dishes again now that Danish design company, Eva Solo, has created the Dishcloth? I'll admit, the name Dishcloth doesn't lay claim to the designer's achievements; this dishcloth can literally stand up on its own!

Available in Europe and Australia this month for the equivalent of about $62US, Eva Solo's Dishcloth has an absorbent foam core that is surrounded by a quick-drying microfiber cover. Even when wet, the Dishcloth will re-form into a cylindrical shape so it can stand upright. The Dishcloth need not stand alone though; it comes with a special stainless steel stand, no doubt contributing to the cost of the Dishcloth.

Eva Solo DishclothsEva Solo Dishcloths

Dishcloth will be available in three colors later this year. I must say it looks pretty cool. Oh yeah, it's washable. (And we would hope so!)

via Gastronomia y Cia


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