6380 Senior Cell Phone Helps Older Folks Keep In Touch

Have we advanced to the point that we need a cell phone specifically for seniors? In particular, one that includes a few bonus features like SMS and games? I know my grandparents don't use cell phones. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, they still use a good-old-fashioned rotary phone at home. Up until a few years ago, that phone didn't even include an answering machine. I can't even begin to imagine them navigating a voicemail menu.

Well, I'm sure there are plenty of older-but-spry folks that do use cell phones. As cell phones shrink smaller and smaller, I'm sure it's getting more difficult for many to see and select the proper buttons. Hell, I often have problems entering text on my Blackberry Pearl.

The simply named 6380 Senior Cell Phone does what similar home phones and remote controls did long ago--provides an oversized interface for seniors (or anyone who has problems seeing and handling tiny buttons). It may look like a cheap calculator procured from Walgreens, but it packs a few basic phone features including calendar, alarm, SMS and games. On the downside, they spent so much space on the huge buttons that little was left for the tiny, grainy screen that sports just a 128 x 60 resolution. I don't think many old folks will be happy having to squint to read a number or text on that thing. 

More importantly for its target audience, it looks super-easy to use and includes an "SOS" button on back that can be used to speed dial a preset contact in the event of an emergency. The button also sets off an emergency alarm, which seems like it might be more annoying than helpful, as I envision the button would be most useful when the user is home alone with no help nearby. It also throws in a flashlight for good measure.

For the time being, this one's set-up for use outside of the States. It carries the price of $75, which is likely to set off a rampant slew of "You know, when I was a boy..." inflation stories. 

Geekologie via Dvice 

Nov 12, 2009
by Anonymous


they haven't thought everything through....the screen and the screen text needs to be bigger too and a different light sometimes in the background, and a flashlight that doesnt drain the battery much built in (some mobilephones have light built in but it drains the battery I think and difficult to find to put it on) a separate button perhaps on the side for the flashlight. Also as many eldery have hard hearing so they need extra strong phone volume (both the ringing, and when talking to someone, etc etc of course if they have hearing aids then obviously wouldnt need it at the highest volume.). It's important for elderly especially when they are in nursing homes to be able to learn easily how to texts either friends or relatives or both or someone they trust incase nursing homes do wrong or dont come when called.

Nov 13, 2009
by Chris Weiss

Excellent points there. I

Excellent points there. I couldn't understand why they made such huge buttons and then such a tiny screen, especially since the phone is designed for texting.