650-Degree, Electric Grill Makes A Great Gift For Any Meat-Lovin' Man (Or Lady)

My experience with electric grills has always been that they're great for apartments and situations where you can't use a gas or charcoal grill, but are pretty lacking in the actual grill department. The minute you plug in that cord, you lose the real flavor of a charcoal or gas grill, and you're also working with less heat, so you won't get that nice crunchy sear on your meat. Grills like the George Foreman are great if they are your only option, but they're at the bottom of the grilling food chain.

Or maybe not. This "650 Degree Fahrenheit Flameless Grill" takes the versatility of an electric grill, wraps it in a small, go-anywhere package and delivers up to 650 degrees of flank-steak crisping heat. I just looked at my Weber Genesis (a great gas grill that I love) and that puppy only goes up to 600 F. So this Hammacher electric is legit hot. If you want real grill flavor, this puppy should be hot enough to deliver some smoke from a smoker box. And it will also give you a crispy, seared exterior with locked-in juices thanks to the stainless steel grate and uniform heating element. 

At just 25 by 15 inches, the grill will slide right on your tabletop, but still gives you 180 sq. in. of cooking space for your dogs, burgers, chicken and steaks. According to Hammacher, that's enough for 10 8-ounce filets. 

 This seems like a great gift for anyone otherwise left to do all their cooking on a stovetop thanks to apartment/association rules. The 650 Degree grill will cost you $280. 

Editor's Update: This grill is no longer available. We could not find a similar grill to recommend. This grill gets grest reviews but it will not be the same as the 650 Grill.

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