6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit Offers Educational Fun

Six!  Six!  Six robots in one!

This nifty little kit offers fun for kids and adults alike.

Comprised of 21 snap together parts (no need for tools or glue on this one, folks), The  6 in 1 Robot Kit is one of those toys you faithful readers know I like: A toy that educates kids without them knowing that they're actually learning anything.

The lesson is simple: The Basics of Solar Energy.  On the way kids (and adults) will be able to make a wide variety of vehicles - and robotic animals.  Designs included with the kid include a car, a solar puppy (which is rather strange looking), a windmill, a plane that flies around its own support pole, a plane, and an air-boat.  Essentially these toys are designed around a 75mA solar panal that runs a tiny motor.

The parts in this kit are very small, so I wouldn't recommend it for little kids without adult supervision.

What's cool is that the parts aren't design-specific, so users can feel free to come up with their own creations.  Of the existing designs, I'm sort'a partial to the revolving plane.  And at around $20, it's a pretty good bargain.

This video will give you a good idea of how cool this kit is:

You can get your very own 6 in 1 Robot Kit at Amazon.

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Dec 2, 2009
by Anonymous

solar kit

I think that is just tooo cooooooooooll!!!!!

Feb 24, 2012
by Anonymous

solar battery

My son received this kit for christmas and the solar battery never went. We have had real diificulties finding out how to get another one. If anyone knows where to get replacement parts that would be great.

Mar 1, 2012
by Anonymous

6 Solar Powered Toys

I gave this to my Grandson for Christmas and there is a part missing. Does anyone know a phone number or address to enable me to get a replacement?