6 Fun Rainy Day Spring Fashions: Fashionable and Functional Boots, Coats and Umbrellas!


It's spring and that's the season where many places around the world say "bye" to the snow only to welcome the rain. There are some positives that come with the change of season and those include the flowers and of course the fashions. There are lots of chic and funky rain items to choose from including umbrellas, boots and coats that make the season a little brighter even through all the rain.

#6 Fun Rainy Day Spring Fashion - Light-Up Umbrellas

Geeky Light-Up UmbrellasGeeky Light-Up Umbrellas

Spring can be a dreary season and sometimes a rainy day really needs to be brightened up. Good news, ThinkGeek of course decided to take that concept literally with their light-up umbrellas. They offer two different umbrella styles depending upon exactly how and where you want to see the light. One version lights up the handle, the other lights up the umbrella itself. Be prepared when heading out with one of these funky umbrellas that you'll be lighting up the day of others and you'll get some serious attention! (Buy Light-up Umbrella)

#5 Fun Rainy Day Spring Fashions - Chic Lighted Umbrellas

Chic Light-Up UmbrellaChic Light-Up Umbrella

It's not just ThinkGeek that can help you light up a dreary day; Amazon's got you covered too. For those who want a classier light-up design, this one does deliver with a more subtle light that still provides the same benefits, without perhaps the strange stares. Instead, you'll just be the envy for your shining light! (Buy Chic Umbrella)

#4 Fun Rainy Day Spring Fashions - Convertible Rain Coats

Convertible RaincoatConvertible Raincoat

Mackage Packables is a set of rain gear that converts into a purse. On those days when you just don't know what type of weather to dress for, you don't have to worry about lugging around a heavy coat or wearing a slicker when the sun comes out. The waterproof rain gear isn't your typical yellow raincoat, it's sexy, fashionable and functional!

Via: HighSnobette

#3 Fun Rainy Day Spring Fashions - Plantable Rain Slicker

Plantable Potato Rain SlickerPlantable Potato Rain Slicker

You know those cheap, plastic rain slickers that come in handy in an unexpected rainstorm, or if you happen to be a little wimpy when going on a water ride? They're disposable, and so they're bad for the environment even if they do help keep you dry. To offer the same convenience, a bioplastic version has been created that's made from potato starch, so whenever you happen to be done with it, you can plant it in the ground rather than sticking it in the trash. That may mean carting around the rain gear longer than originally planned since it can't just be tossed in the trash but it's still pretty neat especially with the included instructions right on the slicker!

 #2 Fun Rainy Day Spring Fashions - Chic Biker Rain Boots

Biker Rain BootsBiker Rain Boots

Biker boots have been really hot this year and around the end of 2009 and for those who are just too cool to wear typical rubber rain boots, there are chic Kenneth Cole Biker Boots perfect for the spring season. They're so stylish they might not even be mistaken for rain gear.

#1 Fun Rainy Day Spring Fashions - Paintbrush Umbrella

Paintbrush UmbrellaPaintbrush Umbrella

It can be boring standing out in the rain with nothing to do, which is why this umbrella has been designed to work as a paintbrush that way you can take advantage of the puddles around to create some water-based art! Of course, it's not really practical to use when the rain is actually falling since then your art tool will be occupied in keeping you dry. Plus there's the whole factor that your puddle art will immediately be washed away, too.


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