6 Green Barbeque Pits For The Eco-Conscious Griller

Can you smell Barbeque in the air? Does it make your mouth water, but your eco-conscious keeps you from grilling? If you worry about the eco-friendly hazards of grilling, check out these innovatively green pit alternatives below before you decide to never grill again. 


1. The Armadillo Grill


via ecofriend.orgvia ecofriend.org

This Armadillo tabletop barbeque grill, designed by Bill Sorich made from recycled materials is made of 100% reclaimed materials - copper, steel and bronze. It took Bill Sorich 10 long years to make it. Not surprisingly, the grill isn't cheap. His art/grill will set you back $19,000 and there is only one of these grills available.


2. Solar Grill


via coolest-gadgets.comvia coolest-gadgets.com

Take advantage of the heat with this grill made by Tammock Trading and Marketing, a Swiss company. It is shaped and designed with a reflective mirror to capture and redirect the sun to cook food without smoke or pollution. No charcoal, lighter fluid, propane or fires are needed to cook the food, just the sun and the reflective mirror. On a sad note, since it wont give off smoke it also will not provide you with that wonderful barbeque smell you have grown accustomed to and are mouth watering over.


3. Green Dome Grill


via grilldome.comvia grilldome.com

The Green Dome is a ceramic grill. "Ceramic grills can attain and maintain temperatures much more efficiently than metal grills" (grilldome.com). The grill has a 2 door damper system that produces a chimney effect. This can lights up the charcoal in about 6-8 minutes. So very little charcoal is needed to light up the grill, reducing the total carbon grilling footprint.

4. The Firebird Grill


via art.johntunger.comvia art.johntunger.com

The Firebird grill also known as the Pot de Feu (pot of fire) is made of 100% recycled scrap, 20 lb propane tanks. Each grill is unique, weighs only 6.5 lbs and is hand-cut by artist John T. Unger. The Firebird grill is suitable for wood, charcoal or gel fuel fires. Best of all it looks nice too, like part of the backyard décor.


5. Recycled Propane Tank Grill


via Blacksmith at Weldingweb.comvia Blacksmith at Weldingweb.com

This nice big grill is made by user Blacksmith and can feed up to 40 people. It is a recycled 100gal propane tank turned into a BBQ-smoker. To make the tank Blacksmith from Weldingweb.com used an old propane tank which came with some of the fitting already off. He unscrewed the rest of the fitting then filled the old propane tank with water twice before cutting into it. He's still alive and using it to grill, so I suppose it's safe.

6. BoomChef Solar-powered Grill


via gizmodovia gizmodo

If all you want to grill is something simple, like hot dogs, Paul Sprague has made a solar powered grill as well. It is called BoomChef. Similar to the solar grill above, the BoomChef uses mirrors to catch sunlight and redirect it to cook food. On a very sunny day, after a few hours in the sun, BoomChef can reach 230 degrees Fahrenheit. That is pretty hot.

There are other ways to grill green too. Shop and eat local, if possible organic, foods. Eat on washable or recyclable plates. Reuse last year's party favors for summer celebrations, like the 4th of July.

Happy fourth of July everyone. May your freedom be celebrated with loved ones, health, freedom and earth-friendly festivities?

Jul 1, 2009
by Gloria Campos
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