6 Natural, Safe, Green Gifts For Your Children

If you are worried about buying your kids toys this holiday season I don't blame you. With all the bad news about lead and plastic and toxic paints in toys it's easy to consider buying them clothes and books instead, but don't give up. Below is a quick list of eco-friendly, kid-safe toys.


Safe Toy 1. Carton Chic Care Garage Folds up Toy

When I was little my dad use to make giant cars out of cardboard boxes. So when I saw this toy it brought back some good memories. This cardboard toy is a great toy for the kid in your family that loves cars. He/she can build it however and then play with it. At the end of playtime it can be folded up and put away. The cardboard comes from certified PEFC and FSC forests.


Safe Toy 2. Zoom To The Moon


As soon as I saw this one I put it on my own holiday list form my nephew. It is absolutely adorable. It comes with 6 figurines made of the wood from a rubber tree. There is also a ship. The ship is a tote, so when you are done playing with the 6 wooden figurines you unzip the ship and put them in. Then it can be used as a decorative piece. (Buy here)

Safe Toy 3. Plan Toys Drum Set for the Kid Musician


If you want to inspire a musician or improve eye-hand coordination try introducing him/her with a Plan Toy musical instrument like this one. This drum set includes a large drum, small drum, cymbal, guiro and drum sticks. The toy is constructed of chemical-free rubberwood (preservative free) "that have ceased yielding latex". The toy is also coated with safe, non-toxic and child-friendly colors. (Buy here)

Safe Toy 4. Tree Blocks Make Math Fun


This math toy kit is made by Tree Blocks. The math set includes a log ruler and stand, 66 Tree Blocks in different sizes, special dice, cotton twill sack and our new activity deck. Tree Blocks does not harm living trees to produce their toys. Some of the toys they make include: blocks, tree houses, dollhouses, wooden furniture and of course this educational math block set. (Update: The math toy kit is no longer availabe but this Tree Block Kit is well reviewed.)


Safe Toy 5. Animal Alphabet Wooden Puzzle


This innovative educational colorful kid puzzle can help your child learn the Alphabet and 26 different animals at the same time. It is made from plantation-grown rubberwood, an environmentally friendly hardwood. It is handcrafted & hand painted with child-safe paints. The puzzle begins with an Alligator and ends with a Zebra. If you like this one also take a look at the alphabet dragon, the number snail and all the rest on the link page. (Buy here)


Safe Toy 6. Recycled Cardboard Building Blocks

This toy is so simple it's amazing.  All it is is blocks of interlocking pieces of corrugated cardboard folded together. Believe it or not if your kid is willing to put in the time, these interlocking cardboard building blocks, made from fully recyclable cardboard, can be used to build life-sized walls. It's a great way to inspire your children into Architecture. (Update: These blocks are no longer available but these cardboard blocks have great reviews and are worth considering.)


I hope the list above has helped provide you with some gift ideas. If you are still worried about recalls, toxic paints or any other health hazard to your children by toys, take a look at the website HealthyToys.org. Notice also that if you would like to make a difference in the way toys are made and what they are made with this website will lead you in the right direction

The Green Guide also provides some good tips on how to watch out for safe toys.

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Dec 4, 2008
by Anonymous


I wish I could have the animal alphabet wooden puzzle