The 6 Best Ways To Get The Spring Back OR Into Your Step

If you've lost your spring or even if you just want more, Wavespring™ has developed a spring-loaded shoe technology to propel you right off the ground into the air!




You may have seen or even tried on a pair of spring-loaded shoes before, but the technology has been improved and Runner's World called it the 'best product update of the year!'  Why?

Runner's World tested the spring-loaded shoes at Michigan State University and found that the patented springs converted 96 percent of the energy from each downward step back through the shoe to the wearer as propulsive energy.  Runners love these shoes; so do walkers and people who have to stand on their feet all day.

That's why Spira®, the developers of Wavespring make so many different styles of shoes with its spring-loaded system: shoes for walking, running and racing, hiking, casual shoes...

Here are some of the latest selling at Hammacher Schlemmer where they're available with a lifetime guarentee!


1. The Spring Loaded Walking Shoe

These leather walkers come in white and black in women's and men's whole and half sizes. (They just look like the walking shoes you already own; promise!) Each shoe contains one spring in the heel and one in the forefoot.




2. The Spring Loaded Clog

 Full grained leather, available in brown or black, these Spring Loaded Clogs are available in whole and half sizes for women (but no longer available for men).  The clogs have three springs; one in the heel and two in the forefront.




3. Spring Loaded Women's Sandals

Another 3-springed shoe, like the clog above, these casual Spring Loaded Sandals are made for women in nubuck leather with a moisture-wicking anti-microbial microfiber, and an abrasion-resistant carbon rubber sole. Available in khaki and black in whole and half sizes.



4. The Spring Loaded Hiking Boots For Men

These high-top boots are made of water-resistant leather with an abrasion-resistant toe and a high-density liner to wick away moisture and provide breathability.  The rubber soles are cleated and treaded for traction.  Triple springs are embedded here, two in the front and one in the heel. Men's whole and half sizes from 7 to 13. (Update: This item is no longer available.)




5. The Spring Loaded Racing Shoes For Men

Just to let you know how fast you can run in these shoes, they have been banned by USA Track & Field for providing an unfair advantage to athletes.  Made of breathable nylon mesh, the Racing Shoes are available in black and yellow and in men's  and in black and pink in women's whole and half sizes from 7 - 12.




6. Spring Loaded Insoles For Men And Women

When you're not wearing a pair of Spira's Wavespring shoes, you will appreciate the insoles the company prepared for other shoes.  Interestingly, these insoles have six small (1/4 inch thick) springs in the heel. The insole has a honeycomb padding with valves that draw in and expel air during walking for constant circulation to keep the shoe dry. (Update: This item is no longer available and replaced by this insole.)




 See the Spring Load in action on this YouTube video.


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