Loving The Plush Life: 6 Weird Art Stuffed Toys

Weird art plushes When I was a young girl, I competed with my friends to have the largest collection of stuffed animals. Now that I’m an adult, I have noticed that I must not have been alone as there seems to be plenty of artists focusing their work in the realm of plush toys. While some of them are a bit strange, they are always fascinating. Funny enough, now my house is still filled with stuffed toys, only now I only collect weird artistic versions.

Sweet Meats

The internet has been awash with bacon for the last few years and the stuffed bacon toys available by designer Lauren Venell's Sweet Meats are yet another way you can enjoy America’s favorite pork product. If you’re in the mood for a fat steak, pork chop or ham though, Venell has created meat plushies for you as well. For an extra 50 cents you can even have the products arrive wrapped in butcher paper, just like a real cut of your favorite meat.


Mustachio is a happy little mustache, just perfect for cuddling or holding up to your lip. He originally came in black with red stitched features, but in time he has evolved and taken on new looks. My personal favorite mustachio is the mustachioed barbershop mustache known as Son of Mustachio.


Labbits are a bunny creature created by Frank Kozik. They originally were created as vinyl toys, but there is now a plush version available in two sizes. The smaller mustachioed labbit comes in white, pink or blue. The larger labbit is classic Kozik with a cigarette dangling from his lips and stubble on his cheeks. He also has a satin-lined butthole that goes and inch or two into the actual plushie.(Buy here)


Haminal was the brain child of Crystal Chesney-Thompson, an animator who has worked on such major shows as Futurama. He is a blend of pigs, hamsters and guinea pigs, created so he would be easier to be canned than a traditional ham. There are two sizes of Haminal, a classic version served in a plastic “can” complete with nutrition info and a small one perfect for spam-style sushi. Of course, both flavors are best complimented with a foam pineapple ring.(Buy here)


Artist Alex Pardee created Bunnywith as a bizarre comic book featuring a bunny with a Predator mouth, a bunny with accordian tummy and other bunnies with… As a follow up, he began to create Bunnywith stuffed dolls. While some of the dolls are somewhat innocent, like the Bunnywith tentacles and Bunnywith job interview, some are downright sick, like the Bunnywith a bloody homesick abortion crawling up its leg. (Buy here)

Friends With You

Miami-based Friends With You sells all number of strange art plushes, including perhaps the best known, Malfie series, like the Dead Malfi shown here. The main theme of artists Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval is to share messages of magic, luck and friendship. While these are noble goals, it can be hard to see how they are actually expressed in deconstructable plush cheeseburgers. But that’s yet another reason their inexplicably strange toys are so fun.

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Oct 1, 2009
by Toby
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Fun blog!

I wike the wittle wabbit :)

Oct 1, 2009
by Anonymous

Thanks everyone

And Ed, I only left out the microbes because I covered it in another article. Thanks for the tip though!

That one's really cute and weird anon.

Oct 1, 2009
by Anonymous

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Oct 2, 2009
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Ha, I don't have bunny with tentacles but I have Siamese twin bunny and bunny with umbilical cord and baby still attached (can't remember official names) XD

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