6rounds at Google I/O Allows Webchat Developers To Develop APIs In 15 Minutes

As an invited guest presenter at Google I/O this week in San Francisco, 6rounds, the Tel Aviv flash-based social entertainment platform is distinguished as the only Webchat service that is featured as a Google Wave extension. As one out of only six apps to be spotlighted this year, 6rounds is concurrently launching its Developers API at the conference.

Using 6rounds simple API, developers can quickly and easily transform their existing social activities and games into a 6rounds video chat experience app, or create entirely new innovative APIs. From start to finish 6rounds assures developers for most app development, it will only take 15 minutes or less. All developers at the conference will be provided with a start-up application package on May 19th that will serve as a template where they can tweak and adjust according to their development preferences.

Natasha ShineNatasha ShineAccording to Natasha Shine, 6rounds' social community and marketing manager. "for developers to create 'very' simple applications, like 'Pong' or 'Google Translate," it can take even less than 15 minutes." She adds, "of course, making more in-depth applications such as those that include complex game logic will take longer."

In turn, those apps will benefit from being able to leverage all of 6rounds' bells and whistles, not found on any other chat environment to date. This includes the platform's built-in capability to deploy gifts, Web cam effects and background themes.

Going forward 6rounds will also be allowing developers to embed their activities into a stand alone widget anywhere across the Web, which will allow even a more comprehensive delivery service of their products.

Gadi SrebnikGadi Srebnik"As developers ourselves, our focus was to create something that will speed up the development process and concentrate on game functionality instead of platform Ilan LeibovichIlan Leibovichboundaries," notes Gadi Srebnik, 6rounds' vice president product development. "While typical social activities were (previously) mainly focused on an asynchronous experience (or invisibility shields)," states co-founder and COO, Ilan Leibovich, 6rounds changes up this paradigm by allowing 6rounds' players to see and react to each other via the video chat functionality. Now, instead of blindly playing a game with a partner and not being able to see their facial expressions, this interactive feature allows users to view visual cues from their opponents.

At the conference, developers are invited to create real-time multi-user rich activities through 6rounds' API. They can incorporate these activities with video streaming and text chatting, sync users' events and mouse movements. They can also customize the user backgrounds and add Webcam effects as well as use visual gifts to enhance the video chat experience.

These features create a robust interactive experience for the users and provides stickiness that keeps people engaged on the site. Also when the 6rounds' widget becomes available for other Web sites, developers will have a built-in retention tool that will hold the interest of those engaged on their Web sites.

The launch and casting call for developers at Google I/O is an opportunity for developers to jump on board 6rounds to actually see how quickly "new" apps can be developed curtailed to a developer's interests in gaming, Web cam effects and video chat themes.

6rounds Casting Call For Developers6rounds Casting Call For Developers

Starting at 9AM PT /12 Noon ET, developers at the conference can begin the process and hold 6rounds "to the fire" regarding their 15 minute guarantee. Other developers not attending the conference can contact 6rounds by email - developers@6rounds.com.

For developers reading this blog, please leave your comments and let us know about your experience with 6rounds and the apps you are developing. Look forward to your feedback and success stories.

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