7 Awesomely Unique Kids' Water Sprinklers Sure To Make A Splash

Sidewalk chalk, bikes, and sandboxes. What else does a kid need during the summer? Sure they require food, a bit of sunscreen, and bug spray, but summer time should be easy. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Camps, playdates, and rushed weekends make parents think school will never start again. The sweltering heat doesn’t help, either. Unfortunately, making kids go outside on some days might not be an option. But if you have a hose and a sprinkler, there are no excuses.

Forget the boring lawn sprinklers or waiting until your neighbor’s irrigation system turns on. Get your kids out of the house with these unique water sprinklers sure to make a splash with kids of all ages. To make it easy, I have listed the following awesome sprinklers by the age of recommended use, from youngest to oldest.

1. Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler

Melissa and Doug offer quality toys at a great value. Their trusted name does it again with their Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler, the #1 Best Seller for Amazon’s Outdoor Play Sprinklers. The cute flowers create a full but gentle stream of water for your young toddlers to play in. The rubber stems of the flowers easily bend, so your child is less likely to get hurt if they fall or step on the sprinkler. The same durability can be found in the Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Grub Scouts Sprinkler. These sprinklers are perfect for young toddlers and older kids who prefer a calm way to keep to cool.

2. Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler

The Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler is 88 inches of fun water play. The Parents’ Choice Foundation agrees and gave this sprinkler the Parents’ Choice Award. Once the ball is inflated and attached to the hose, water sprays from four evenly spaced openings. Roll it around or keep it stationary, everyone will have a chance to keep cool while playing with this massive beach ball. The manufacturer recommends that children as young as 18 months can play with the Little Tikes Beach Ball.

3. Little Tikes Super Spiral Sprinkler

The Little Tikes Super Spiral Sprinkler comes in several color options, but all produce the same water-soaking, giggling fun. The garden spike on the bottom of the sprinkler keeps it in place as the powerful water stream shoots the ball into the air after dropped into the spiral. Four balls come with each Super Spiral Sprinkler. Grab the balls as they dance in the water stream, or grab a bat and play water t-ball! This creative, cause and effect sprinkler is perfect for children ages three and up.

4. Banzai Build ‘N Splash Sprinkler

The Banzai Build ‘N Splash Sprinkler comes with four, 6-foot sprinkler hoses and three 4-way connectors to let kids build their own sprinkler. A lot this sprinkler's fun is the creativity that goes into making shapes and patterns in your backyard. Your child will never get bored—or overheated—with the Build ‘N Splash Sprinkler. Banzai suggests that children three years old and up can play with this sprinkler, but my three year old would not be able to assemble this on her own. Parents may need to help their kids get started, but once put together it seems perfectly safe for older toddlers.

5. Banzai Aqua Blast Obstacle Course

The Banzai Aqua Blast Obstacle Course will keep your kids active and cool at the same time. Complete with hurdles, a slide with limbo pole, and water filled tires to jump through this sprinkler will bring friendly competition to the yard. The fabric is made with durable PVC with built-in sprinklers. Ground stakes are included to keep the course in place. There are age and weight limitations to this sprinkler. The recommended ages are 5-12 with a weight limit of up to 110 pounds. Capable children younger than five would enjoy the Banzai Aqua Obstacle Course, but at some point your child will outgrow it. That doesn’t mean they won’t love every minute until then.

6. Slackers Slide & Surf Water Slide

Dubbed the Only Surfing Water Slide, Slackers Slide & Surf allows your child to skimboard their way down a 30 foot slide into a shallow pool of water. Water spraying from the side wall and arched pool noodle will keep your surfers cool and the slide slick for the ultimate ride. While this isn’t technically a sprinkler, it is the perfect bait to lure older kids and tweens out of the house and out of your hair. Your child can stand, sit, or lie on the skimboard or take a trip down the slide without it. The recommended ages for the Slide & Surf Water Slide are 5-12.

7. Banzai Grand Slam Baseball Slide

Banzai hits a homerun with the Grand Slam Baseball Slide. The 14 x 14 foot diamond will keep Little League going all summer long for your favorite all-stars. The Grand Slam Baseball Slide comes with built-in sprinklers, durable PVC construction, and a mini baseball bat and ball. Who says you only have to play baseball? Grab a beach ball and start of a game of kickball to add variety to this toy. Banzai recommends this product for kids five years old and up, and the up can extend into the teenage and college years.  

These unique sprinklers will keep your kids cool, so you can keep yours, parents.

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