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7 Ads That Vie For Your Heart This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is an advertiser's wet dream, a perfectly designed human construct that allows companies to manipulate a wide-range of emotions.  You have every element in place: love, sympathy, guilt, celebration...  And as such, pretty much every product known to humankind can be pimped out to enthusiastic buyers.  Valentine's Day is the marketing equivalent of an orgy.

Yeah, I'm aware that I sound a little callus.  See, I come from a film & video background.  As such, I've been a party to many ad campaigns and know how things work.

But that doesn't mean I have a heart of stone.  I'm a fan of a good ad campaign (C'mon... who doesn't like the Budweiser frogs?).

Some of these are hits; some are misses.  But all display a unique vision when it comes to Valentine's Day.

1. British Airways Valentine's Ad

Going the sentimental route, this nice little ad does a great job of conveying the romance of a journey to... well, anywhere.  I'd love to be able to take my girlfriend on a whirlwind trip this Valentine's Day.  Alas, my wallet cannot handle the emptiness that such a trip would create.

2. SexyAvenue.com Valentine's Ad

Well, there's no denying what the design of this heart is emulating.  And as an advertisement for an online store carrying lingerie and various adult... toys... this little sucker is quite eye-catching.

3. Sheba Valentine's Ad

Sheba cat food offers up this sweet little ad.  I'm trying to teach my cat to do this-to no avail.  But, if I somehow succeed, my girlfriend's gonna be quite impressed...