7 Ads That Vie For Your Heart This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is an advertiser's wet dream, a perfectly designed human construct that allows companies to manipulate a wide-range of emotions.  You have every element in place: love, sympathy, guilt, celebration...  And as such, pretty much every product known to humankind can be pimped out to enthusiastic buyers.  Valentine's Day is the marketing equivalent of an orgy.

Yeah, I'm aware that I sound a little callus.  See, I come from a film & video background.  As such, I've been a party to many ad campaigns and know how things work.

But that doesn't mean I have a heart of stone.  I'm a fan of a good ad campaign (C'mon... who doesn't like the Budweiser frogs?).

Some of these are hits; some are misses.  But all display a unique vision when it comes to Valentine's Day.

1. British Airways Valentine's Ad

Going the sentimental route, this nice little ad does a great job of conveying the romance of a journey to... well, anywhere.  I'd love to be able to take my girlfriend on a whirlwind trip this Valentine's Day.  Alas, my wallet cannot handle the emptiness that such a trip would create.

2. SexyAvenue.com Valentine's Ad

Well, there's no denying what the design of this heart is emulating.  And as an advertisement for an online store carrying lingerie and various adult... toys... this little sucker is quite eye-catching.

3. Sheba Valentine's Ad

Sheba cat food offers up this sweet little ad.  I'm trying to teach my cat to do this-to no avail.  But, if I somehow succeed, my girlfriend's gonna be quite impressed...


4. Heineken Valentine's Ad

Here's an example of a campaign that just doesn't work for me.  I get the visual concept.  But equating the lip of a beer bottle to marriage is a bit of a stretch for me.  Perhaps if this represented champagne?  I dunno...  Maybe it's a tribute to the love of beer?  THAT I can get behind, as I love my hops & barley concoctions and would happily write my favorite beer a love letter for Valentine's Day.

5. Nutrient Water Valentine's Ad

 I love this ad.  What's difficult to see is the tagline: "Enjoy a longer lasting Valentine's Day."
I think I'm going to go buy a case of Nutrient Water.

6. Thrifty Rental Cars Valentine's Ad

I will then take the Nutrient Water, put it on the floor of my Thrifty Rental car and, girlfriend in tow... save money.
I'm not too sure about the message this ad is sending-but my sentence above gives you an idea of my take on it.
I'll just miss the room service that most nice hotels offer...

7. Post-It Notes Valentine's Ad

To be fair, I'm not sure if this is a real advertisement, or a pitch by an ad-exec.  Regardless, I like it.  A lot.

Post-It Notes have played a nice part in my love life, particularly when it comes to little surprises.  And the idea of folding one into a heart and writing a message on it appeals to me quite a bit.

So much so, that I'm gonna go out and get some.  If I can master the heart folding, I'll stick ‘em all over every surface possible while she's at work.

Then I'll snag plane tickets, get some lingerie, bribe my cat to make a yarn heart, drink a bunch of beer, buy a case of vitamin enhanced water, and rent a car with the intention of spending the night in it.

And hope that I still have a girlfriend on February 15...

So what do you think of these ads? Any that pull at your heart strings?

SOURCE: Ads of the World

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