The 7 Luckiest Casinos in The World

Where are you going to be on 7-7-07, arguably the luckiest day to come along in decades?

Those of us with the gambling bug are taking note and hoping to hit a jackpot (of any kind, really).

I wish I had the time to scoot off to Vegas or Monaco or even Atlantic City for some card-slinging action, but, for now I'll have to settle with my own compiled list of the 7 Best Casinos in which to get lucky. They range from the sexy to the extravagant, but they are all great places to up your chances of winning big.

Here's my pick for the 7 Best Casinos:

Casino 7. Atlantis Resort - Nassau, Bahamas

Boasting one of the most expensive suites in the world-the Bridge Suite at $25,000 a night-and the largest casino in the Caribbean, the sheer volume of this place bodes well for gamblers of all price ranges. And, considering most casinos are holed up within hotels sans windows, the Atlantis Resort is a refreshing change with its panoramic views of the ocean. This casino makes you feel less like a compulsive gambler cruising the strips and more like a recreational beach comber (but don't let that loosen your purse strings too much).


Casino 6. Sun City - South Africa

 This gaming compound, located roughly two-hours outside of Jahnnesburg, feels like a tropical oasis in the middle of the African bush. Besides an expansive casino, Sun City offers four hotels, a wave pool, golf and safaris in its own private park. But, remember, you're here to gamble, right? In that case, Sun City is great for everyone. It's 853 slot machines and 38 gaming tables cater to the seasoned pro, and to the beginners. You're likely to come out ahead here because, if you're not quite up on your gambling game, you can take lessons at Sun City's gaming school and stick it to Lady Luck.


Casino 5. The Bellagio - Las Vegas, Nevada

When constructed in 1998, The Bellagio was the most expensive hotel casino ever built costing an estimated $1.6 billion. Despite it's 10-year birthday approaching quickly, it's still one of, if not the most luxurious casino in Las Vegas. Why do you think those boys from Ocean's 11 included it in their three-casino knock off list? However, though the huge gaming floor may entice you to try your luck here, be aware that the Five-Star World Poker Classic is held at The Bellagio, so it will take more than luck to come out ahead in this casino. Nevertheless, The Bellagio still hosts world-class spas, restaurants and shopping so when the cards aren't being friendly you've got something else to do.


Casino 4. Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu - Quebec, Canada


This majestic, old world resort casino is on the opposite end of the casino spectrum when compared to the neon jungle of Las Vegas. The Fairmont has been lavished with numerous awards throughout its existence, in thanks no less to the balanced mix of hospitality and charm from the Canadian countryside with the sophistication of a world-class resort. If you aren't too distracted from the golf, whale-watching and seasonal skiing, adopt a leisurely pace in the grand casino. Remember, the relaxed, calm and collected player keeps his wits and keeps his money.


Casino 3. Hotel de Paris - Monaco, France

Get that credit card ready. You're going to get lucky at this hotel because you are the type of person that creates your own luck. Being situated in one the most expensive regions of the world, The Hotel de Paris is like everything else in the French Riviera-ornate, grand, magnificent and lavished with gold. Put your game face on if you are going to throw down some cash in the casino here, because you won't be the only one. I would say that if you are going to be staying in a hotel casino like this, you already have luck on your side, because something had to go right in your life to get you to this point.


Casino 2. The Palms - Las Vegas, Nevada

The Palms hotel casino has made quite a name for itself since it's opening in 2001. There was the sex-crazed season of The Real World, the constant celebrity attendance, and the recent addition of the Hugh Hefner suite where the ladies of The Girl's Next Door like to spend their time. But here's the thing about this place: bring your date to The Palms and you're going to get lucky in more than one way. Yes, there are the restaurants, the amazing casino, the spas and the always-packed nightclubs, but the sheer sexiness of this resort hotel is going to get your blood pumping no matter what you're doing. Luck be a lady tonight, indeed.


Casino 1. Casino de Monte Carlo - Monaco, France

Brioni tux: check. Silencer: check. Amazing car: check. Gorgeous woman on your arm: check. Smoldering stare: check. These are all the things you need to pull it off James Bond style at the Casino de Monte Carlo. Perhaps the most grandiose and decadent casino in the world, this hotel is bathed in marble, gold and bronze. A good rule of thumbs could be that if you don't have those three materials in your house, don't gamble here. And, to add to the casino's intimidation factor, you need a jacket and tie to gamble in the private rooms. Not enough for you? Charles Garnier-who designed the Pars Opera-also created this casino. If I haven't scared you away yet, then you are either very wealthy, fearless, or confident that you've got all the luck in the world. Trust me, you'll need it here with the highest of the high-rollers.

Well, do you agree with this list of the 7 best casinos? Did I miss one of the greats? Which is your favorite casino and where are you going to be on 7-07-07?

Seth Plattner
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Jul 9, 2007
by Sylocat (not verified)

Good list overall, no

Good list overall, no glaring omissions that I could find.

Now, someone needs to do a list of the 7 best FICTIONAL casinos.

Jul 9, 2007
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

So something like the

So something like the casinos from the James Bond moves etc?

 It's a fun idea.