7 Stunning Umbrellas Sure To Brighten Dreary Days

An umbrella can do so much more than simply keep you dry, and let's face it, depending upon the weather conditions, it doesn't always do that. This winter, stay chic and fashionable with some of these stylish umbrellas available from Amazon, or buy them for someone else as a gift. These chic and stylish umbrellas make the perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays, and they sure will be conversation pieces that brighten up even the gloomiest of days! Though watch how you wrap them; they might be dead giveaways sitting under a tree or sticking out from a stocking in true form.

#7 Chic & Stylish Umbrella - The "Nothing but Blue Skies" Umbrella

There might not be blue skies up above you on a day that requires you to leave the house with an umbrella in hand, but with this umbrella, everyday has nothing but blue skies. Whoever shares it will also feel like they've captured their own little private spot of beautiful weather, since the design is only on the underside of the umbrella. What better gift to give someone for a rainy day?

#6 Chic & Stylish Umbrella -  The "Express Yourself" Tiffany Line of Umbrellas

Amazon features the Tiffany line of umbrellas, which are essentially wearable art (that is, if you'll buy that umbrellas function as a fashion accessory!).

My personal favourite from this line is the Tiffany Butterfly Umbrella  though the Dragon Fly design is also classy, chic and will certainly stand out amongst a sea of black umbrellas on a rainy day. Pick up one of these for someone who can truly appreciate fine art and fine fashion in your family this holiday season!

#5 Chic & Stylish Umbrella - The "Get Your Own Monet" Umbrella

Since a reproduction is likely the closest thing to the authentic thing that you'll give this Christmas when it comes to art by painters like Monet; how about this beautiful Water Lilies Umbrella.   It will be sure to brighten any rainy winter day!  Also available are  , Galleria Monet Poppy Field   and more . Plus there are a stunning series of umbrella designs that feature artwork by Van Gogh!

#4  Chic & Stylish Umbrella - The "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" Umbrella

Another expression rings true when you gift this umbrella this holiday season - now, the owner can say "it's raining cats and dogs" and have it ring just that much truer! The design of this umbrella is classy, so it's a novelty while still abiding by fashion parameters!


#3 Chic & Stylish Umbrella -  The "Get Yourself to the Church On Time" Umbrella

This chic umbrella is ideal for the holiday season, particularly if your friend or family has been meaning to get to church more often, but just can't seem to find the time. They'll appreciate the joke and the thought. Plus, their umbrella is sure to be a conversation piece on dreary days with its design that features architecture and stained glass from the Washington National Cathedral. (Update: This umbrella seems to be no longer available.)

#2 Chic & Stylish Umbrella - The "Lighten Up" Umbrella

For those who really need a boost on those dark and dreary days, this umbrella will really help them lighten up - literally! The umbrella contains a 6-volt krypton bulb that lights up for function and style!(UPDATE: This style of umbrella seems to be no longer available. Other LED umbrellas are available here.)

#1 Chic & Stylish Umbrella - The "Blooming" Umbrella



Amazon has several stunning flower designed umbrellas that replicate the colors and shapes of flowers. The Yellow sunflower design  and the fuschia flower design really will brighten up any day; it's not your typical umbrella and perfect as a holiday gift!

Note: The above were all too chic and stylish, and are listed in no particular order. Happy shopping!

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