7 Discreet Wallets And Purses That Pick-Pocketers Will Never Suspect

These fashions are more about fun than they are about function. All of the designs give you a place to store your stuff just like a wallet or purse, but they do so in such a "discreet" way that no one will ever guess that's where you stashed your cash. The purpose might be fun, but there's function built-in, because if thieves can't find your wallet, they can't steal it!

#7 Chic & Discreet Fashion Wallet - The Gun Holster Wallet

Gun Holster WalletGun Holster Wallet

This design is the alternative to the murse, since it has a feel that is definitively manlier since it strokes every guy's "tough boy" ego. If it looks like a gun and feels like a gun holster, well, in this case it's not actually a gun..but surely, no one will rob a guy with this strapped under his arm for fear of retaliation of a very permanent type. The Gun Holster Wallet is anything but discreet, however, no one will ever suspect credit cards, and not fire arms, are contained inside! If only those thieves would smarten up, they'd probably be in the money if they got their hands on one of these - at $450 a pop, only the wealthy manly men are likely to leave home with a gun holster purse...err, wallet.

#6 Chic & Discreet Fashion Wallet - The Keyboard Wallet 6 Cassette Wallets

Keyboard Wallet 2Keyboard Wallet 2

The QWERT is for those technology lovers who just need to show off their geeky side through fashion everywhere they go! There are two versions available, a bi-fold for men and a pocketbook for women. Both only look like keyboards, but might prevent pick-pocketing if you're up against the technologically impaired. These fashionable and somewhat indiscreet wallets might not fool everyone, but they'll sure be conversation starters. 

Keyboard WalletKeyboard Wallet

#5 Chic & Discreet Fashion Wallet - The Feminine Cuff Wallet

Cuff WalletCuff Wallet

For the gal who hates to carry a purse or a clutch for a night or day out on the town, the feminine cuff wallet gives her a discreet place to stash her cash while allowing her to tote a stylish accessory.  The leather cuff is chic and feminine, made of leather and additional colors and styles are available as well for those who don't go for the pink floral. No thief will ever believe that this chic design also doubles as a wallet, but it is awfully pretty, so you'd better watch out that no one snatches the accessory!

#4 Chic & Discreet Fashion Wallet -  Key Wallets


Key WalletKey Wallet

This Stash Keychain allows you to hide money with your keys so you've always got a spare buck or two on hand and can also trick those unsuspecting thieves. However , if you frequently get your car keys stolen, pass on this variety; if they're already pick-pocketing their way to your car, you don't want to give them your cash too!

#3 Chic & Discreet Fashion Wallet - Facial Hair Wallets

Wearable Beard PursesWearable Beard Purses

Discreet probably isn't the right word for these facial hair wallets, but people will be too busy wondering why you've got a fake beard on your face to ever consider the fact that you might actually have cash in there. Plus, let's face it, when you look so dumb, no one will think you're the type that's worth robbing anyways! These weird and wacky wallets are made from vinyl and felt by Caroline Ballhorn, and they can be carried as a purse (in the traditional way) or be worn on the face!

Beard WalletBeard Wallet

#2 Chic & Discreet Fashion Wallet - Buttered Toast Wallet

Toast WalletToast Wallet

No one will ever catch on that this buttered toast wallet is an accessory with value, and not in fact, a piece of hot buttered toast when you carry this design out on the street.  It's fake leather, it's cheap and it's buttered and it looks so unappetizing, no one will steal it! This wallet design is also available in bacon.

#1 Chic & Discreet Fashion Wallet - Wallet Cell Phones

Wallet PhoneWallet Phone


This is possibly one of the coolest pieces of technology I've come across in a while, though it's not new! Around since 2004 the o-saifu keitai (meaning "wallet" phone), can be programmed to act as an automated payment method like a credit or debit card, and can also replace membership cards, and house keys, so it practically replaces a wallet or purse with its all-in-one features!

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