7 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas Mother Nature Would Appreciate

There is still time to make your own Halloween costume. Take a look at the list of eco-Halloween ideas I have gathered below. The costumes are made with recycled material and of themes Mother Nature would appreciate.


1. Halloween Costume: Cutie-pie Recycle Bin

via Babysugar at lilsugar.comvia Babysugar at lilsugar.com

Now who can resist this giggling recycle bin a treat? She smiles and she spreads the recycling word with a recycling bin around her waist. To make your own all you need is a box, some blue paint and a few other household materials. Use your imagination. Can you really make one cuter than this one?


2. Halloween Costume: Trashcan and Litter Partner Costume

via Matt Carman at Flickrvia Matt Carman at Flickr

I love this idea. It is so simple, but it speaks volumes about recycling and I bet it costs very little to make. Tape or glue a variety of trash bags or just plain trash to yourself and then make a trashcan out of cardboard or an old trashcan for your partner.


3. Halloween Costume: Captain Recycle
via richtpt at Flickrvia richtpt at Flickr

He resemble captain planet a bit don't you think? It looks like he used green face paint (hopefully natural face paint), a green outfit, a green cape and some trash and put it all on. Make your own version of this innovative Captain Recycle.



4. Halloween Costume: Global Warming

via mytko.orgvia mytko.org

This costume is innovative and thought provoking, but not very spooky. It looks more like someone just wearing regular clothes with a few extra attachments (notice the penguins at the top), but it does get the point across and if you get the point, the point is kind of scary. How would you make your own Global Warming costume?


5. Halloween Costume: 4-Foot Spooky Tree

via Crafty.Canadian at craftster.orgvia Crafty.Canadian at craftster.org

I think this tree costume made by Crafty.Canadian is amazing, detailed and scary.
The costume is made out of paper Mache. I can barely make a balloon piñata out of paper Mache how did she create tree and then manage to use it as a costume?


6. Halloween Costume: Cloud and Rain

via sneha at Picasavia sneha at Picasa

Is it me or is the little girl about to cry some "rain" tears? It looks like the costume creator used a lot of beads, a little dress and then attached some homemade clouds. What a sweet and innovative costume.


7. Halloween Costume: Moist Mother Earth

via TheFaerieMarket at Etsyvia TheFaerieMarket at Etsy

This is Moist Mother Earth by Etsy's TheFareieMarket a.k.a Betsie Withey. Her version of mother Earth isn't at all the image I had in my mind, but it is a living (growing mushrooms) and recycled (old gown) costume. What does your version of mother Earth look like?

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