7 Foot Tall DIY Robot from China

WireWireWhen it comes to robots we often picture the creators of the bots as being white coated lab types with big research grants. What your probably do not picture, unless you follow the field very closely, is Tao Xiangli. The China-born inventor has just brought the DIY revolution to a whole new level. He built himself a robots, with repurposed materials. By using scrap metal and electrical cables he built a seven foot tall robot that weighs more than 500 pounds.

The great big bot cost the inventor about $24,407 to make, and took about a year to do. Considering the man's last project was the creation of a DIY submarine, it is not really a spires that he made his own robot. There are few details out at the moment, and the inventor has not announced any plans to release schematic or other information about his bot in detail. So you will just have to figure out how to build you own if you want one.

Source: BoingBoing
Image: Morgue File