7 Best Toys To Lull Your Baby To Sleep

There's nothing like a mom or dad to sing and gently rock an infant to sleep.  But parents know that, as often as babies wake up, the personal touch isn't always possible. Fortunately, there are a few parental aids on the market that are pretty effective at 'nighty-night.'  While most of them rely on relaxing sounds, such as the sound of a mother's heartbeat, other sleep inducers are multi-media.  Here are seven soothing sleep inducers for babies and toddlers that have received very positive feedback from customers. 

Some of these are made by Cloud B, which produces several highly-rated sleep inducers for babies.  What I like about them is that they are mostly all inserted in stuffed animals and can be touched and cuddled by baby when the sleep inducing gadgets are removed.  The Cloud B's each have slightly different features, as you will read....


1. Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Sleep Aid For Infants & Toddlers


Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Sleep Aid For InfantsCloud B Tranquil Turtle Sleep Aid For Infants


The Cloud B Tranquil Turtle is a favorite among parents.... which naturally means it works to help their babies get to sleep.  The Turtle features a sweet blue night light that reflects in a dark room like an ocean floor, and it has two sounds to choose from: a 'gentle melody' and 'whispering' waves.  You can set the volume and the brightness on the Tranquil Turtle. It has only one automatic shut-off at 23 minutes. 


2.  Cloud B Sleep Sound Lamb Sleep Aid For Infants & Toddlers


Cloud B Sleep Sound Lamb Sleep Aid For InfantsCloud B Sleep Sound Lamb Sleep Aid For Infants


The Cloud B Sleep Sound Lamb or Sheep is a popular choice of the Cloud B sleep aids for babies.  Its features include four sleep sounds (a mother's heart beat, a rain shower, an ocean surf, and a whale song), two automatic shut-off times (23 and 45 minutes), and a band to attach the Lamb to a crib or carriage.  The Sleep Sound Lamb is made of hypoallergenic polyester.


3. Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Sleep Aid For Infants & Toddlers


Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Sleep Aid For InfantsCloud B Gentle Giraffe Sleep Aid For Infants


Take your baby on a safari with the Gentle Giraffe Sound Machine by Cloud B.  The soothing sounds are Safari groove, Safari trail, Victoria falls, and Mother's heartbeat.  The Gentle Giraffe is very popular with parents and it features a story book in addition to 2 timer settings and a crib-hanger band.  Customers like the long neck, as really young babies can wrap their arms around it.


4.  The Baby's Peaceful Sleep Inducer Sleep Aid For Infants & Toddlers


The Baby's Peaceful Sleep InducerThe Baby's Peaceful Sleep Inducer


The Baby's Peaceful Sleep Inducer is a multi-media winner for your baby.  It hangs on the side of the crib and provides gentle movement from a mobile, soft lights that match the movements, and gentle music to lull your baby to sleep. Best of all, you don't even have to set a timer on this gadget, because it automatically senses when your baby is awake!  I want one for myself! This is from Hammacher Schlemmer, so it comes with a lifetime guarentee.


5.  Baby Einstein Sea Dream Soother Sleep Aid For Infants & Toddlers


Baby Einstein Sea Dream SootherBaby Einstein Sea Dream Soother


Another multi-media sleep inducer for your baby, the Baby Einstein Sea Dream Soother, features Neptune characters slowly rocking in a lit-up sea water background while classical music plays. There are four modes to choose from:  melodies/lights/motion, melodies only, ocean sounds/lights/motion, and ocean sounds only.  The machine goes off in 25 minutes and slowly lowers the lighting every five minutes to give your child a chance to wind down. 


6.  The Happiest Baby Super Soothing Calming Sounds CD


The Happiest Baby Super Soother Calming Sounds CDThe Happiest Baby Super Soother Calming Sounds CD


If it's just about sound, moms and dads still swear by this CD, recently updated by reknowned pediatritian Dr. Harvey Karp. Six different white noise sounds are programmed to get your baby's attention and then wind him down.  Also available in MP3, The Happiest Baby New Super Soothing Calming Sounds, has a programming advantage over the above sleep inducers; you can schedule either the CD or the MP3 to play continuously, if that's what your baby needs.


7.  Baby's Vacuum Cleaner Sound CD


Baby's Vacuum Cleaner Sound CDBaby's Vacuum Cleaner Sound CD

Do I hear a few chuckles?  I was always partial to vacuum cleaner noise when I was a kid, though my mother was running it, not a CD player.  It seems that quite a few parents though found the Baby's Vacuum Cleaner Noise CD remarkably effective at putting their kids to sleep, so don't knock it til' you've tried it.  This hour of techno-softened vacuum cleaner noise can be programmed to play over and over again on your CD player or transfer it to MP3 for the same effect.  If your baby's into hair dryer noise, you can also get Baby's Blow Dryer Noise CD.


And you... sleep tight!

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