7 Italian Fixtures Sure To Make A Splash In Your Bathroom

There are all kinds of superb designs coming from Italy - furniture, jewelry, automobiles, textiles, fashion, mosaics... even fixtures.  Yes, I know, fixtures sound boring, especially bathroom fixtures; but those by IB RUBINETTERIE are anything but boring.  They even have their own personalities to liven up your bathroom.


Italian Bath Fixture 1. Belmondo Sink Faucet, IB RUBINETTERIE

Elegant art deco styled geometrical shapes, masculine, and maybe (who knows?), Jean Paul Belmondo was somewhere in the designer's mind.


Belmondo Sink Faucet: ©IB RUBINETTERIEBelmondo Sink Faucet: ©IB RUBINETTERIE



Italian Bath Fixture 2. Loveme, IB RUBINETTERIE

Say hello to Loveme, a spout that's in love with water.  And you will be too because you can see it flow 'as it gushes from your own tiny domestic spring.


Loveme bathroom fixture: ©IB RUBINETTERIELoveme bathroom fixture: ©IB RUBINETTERIE



Italian Bath Fixture 3. Batio Sink Faucet, IB RUBINETTERIE

Inspired by the archetypal bottle, the Batio faucet is designed so that the neck of the faucet is right where the hot and cold water mix, to insure a smooth outcome.  The Batio was designed originally in stainless steel; the colored Batios have recently been added to the line.


Batio Sink Faucet: ©IB RUBINETTERIEBatio Sink Faucet: ©IB RUBINETTERIE



Italian Bath Fixture 4. Hermes Bathroom Faucet, IB RUBINETTERIE

The Hermes is a perfect fit for an old elegant bathroom, bringing just enough modern to its retro style... and it definitely has personality.  But who's exactly?


Hermes bathroom fixture: ©IB RUBINETTERIEHermes bathroom fixture: ©IB RUBINETTERIE


Jan 27, 2011
by Anonymous

Very good post. This would

Very good post. This would be an invaluable addition to cloakroom furniture - Thanks!

Jun 10, 2011
by dinni

Well, they look nice and

Well, they look nice and interesting but nothing spectacular, I don't think I'd be willing to pay extra for this kind of fixtures. I do have a thing though for stylish bathroom vanities, they add personality to your bathroom. I checked few designs and they are awesome.