7 Italian Fixtures Sure To Make A Splash In Your Bathroom

Italian Bath Fixture 5. Drop Shower Head, IB RUBINETTERIE

Shaped like a water droplet, the silicone water head is a delightful change from the commercial fixtures.  And silicone doesn't collect the hard water scaling along the outside like stainless steel does.  If you want to prevent water from stagnating in the Drop, just squeeze it after you've finished showering.  And I don't know if it honks....


Drop shower heads: ©IB RUBINETTERIEDrop shower heads: ©IB RUBINETTERIE

Italian Bath Fixture 6. Maus Bathroom Sink Faucet, IB RUBINETTERIE

For a child's or a guest bathroom, anyone would smile at Mickey.  Maus is also available with stainless steel ears.


Maus bathroom faucet: ©IB RUBINETTERIEMaus bathroom faucet: ©IB RUBINETTERIE



Italian Bath Fixture 7. Lampadado Shower Heads, IB RUBINETTERIE

The Lampadado is for lovers of rain showers and bathing with significant others.  There is also a Lampadado with four shower heads, in case you want to bathe with all of your significant others.


Lampadado Shower Heads: ©IB RUBINETTERIELampadado Shower Heads: ©IB RUBINETTERIE


For more fixtures with personality, visit IB RUBINETTERIE


Jan 27, 2011
by Anonymous

Very good post. This would

Very good post. This would be an invaluable addition to cloakroom furniture - Thanks!

Jun 10, 2011
by dinni

Well, they look nice and

Well, they look nice and interesting but nothing spectacular, I don't think I'd be willing to pay extra for this kind of fixtures. I do have a thing though for stylish bathroom vanities, they add personality to your bathroom. I checked few designs and they are awesome.