7 Things Gamers Can't Live Without

When you look at the gaming community, you will see people from all backgrounds and with a wide range of personalities and ages. Even though some see all the gamers in the world as similar, they are surprisingly very different. Ranging from six years old to sixty, and gamers who play games six hours a week to those that play sixty hours, gamers have a very wide range of interests and backgrounds.

Serious gamers are typically those that play more than two hours of games per day (14 hours or more per week), especially those that play competitively either online or professionally. For those of you that want more of an insight into the life of a gamer, or advice on finding the perfect gift for a gamer read on about the 7 Things Serious Gamers Can't Live Without!


Gaming Essential 7. Bean Bag(s)

All serious gamers must have at least one bean bag. When gaming for many hours at a time, this is the perfect place to sit or lie down! Don't let your gamer friends get sore buttocks', backs, necks, or anything of that sort due to an uncomfortable chair. Simply inform them that they cannot live without a bean bag!


You can easily find bean bags for purchase in many locations. Shopping online, you can purchase bean bags ranging from $50 to $250, including an adult bean bag chair from Amazon for $99, found here.




Gaming Essential 6. High Speed Internet

With the launch of their new ads that are featuring turtles (the "new" mascot for slow internet companies), Comcast has continued to provide a high level of support for gamers around the United States. You no longer have to worry about lagging in a highly competitive online game with high speed internet, but of course, you only get this luxury at a price. Serious online gamers cannot afford to have anything other than the fastest internet providers, and cable internet has shown that it is one of the fastest and most reliable forms of high speed internet on the market.


Many products used with the internet can be found around the world. Many gamers, and technology gurus alike, enjoy the use of internet. Many families use wireless internet already, but if you do not, you can find products to help you "go wireless" with high speed internet here for only $50.


Gaming Essential 5. Disk Holding Case

No serious gamer goes without having at least a dozen different games at once, and many of those that consider themselves "serious gamers" have shelves full of games, both new and old. Serious gamers should not go without some sort of game case that will hold all of their game discs safely, or else risk having a game-holding shelf that looks like it got hit by a tornado (see attached image).


These types of disk holders, whether they hold your games, music CDs, or DVD movies, can be found at just about any store. If you're looking to purchase a disk case online, a cheap and very useful one can be found here .


Gaming Essential 4.Cooler Drinks

No person who works long hours can live without some caffeine, and gamers are no different. Some interesting USB powered gadgets have some out in the past, but the one that any serious PC gamer can't live without is this USB drink cooler/warmer that plugs into your computer! Vendor states that "this cool USB gadget combining with both chilling and warming technology, you can keep your beverage chilled or warmed and stay at your computer for longer time." Now, if there's anything that a gamer knows, it's that they want to stay at their computer for a longer amount of time.


This kind of product is a little hard to find unless you are searching for it on the web. While there are several sites that offer similar products, you can find it, for only $24, here.


Gaming Essential 3. Brand Names

Some of the things that gamers can't live without are physical things. Other's are not so much, and brand names are one of those things that aren't a physical part of a gamers' life. Brand names include the names of specific developers for very popular games (Bungie for Halo 3, Eidos for the Hitman series and movie, etc) and the names of console and PC production companies, including but not limited to Microsoft (Xbox 360), Sony (Playstation 2, PLAYSTATION 3), Nintendo (Super Nintendo, Wii), Alienware (PC) and Dell XPS (PC). Without these brand names, truly serious gamers wouldn't know what types of games and hardware to depend on for quality, just as many chefs depend on brand name foods for quality and freshness due to their reputation of providing those staples on a regular basis. Serious gamers cannot live without these brand names because they are the ones they will always depend on to provide them with the highest quality products.


There are many brand name products in the gaming industry that you can purchase both in stores around the globe and right here on the internet. My favorite, and highest quality, brand name products include Sony's PLAYSTATION 3 video game console (at Amazon, found here ), Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console (fat Amazon, found here ), and Nintendo's Wii video game console (at Amazon, found here ). There are many other quality brand name products that gamers and non-gamers alike can trust, there are just too many to list here.


Gaming Essential 2. Sound Systems

Games provide serious gamers with big games, and along with those games come big visuals and big sound. To be the most involved in the game as possible, a serious gamer cannot live without a seriously big sound system! This example of a sound setup may be a little bit over the top, but chances are the serious gamers reading this are wishing they had those massive speakers!


Consumers can find excellent sound systems at just about any electronic store, including this set of Logitech speakers specifically designed for video game consoles and/or PCs, sold at Amazon for $80, found here.


Gamer's Essential 1. HDTV

Along with that big sound, gamers must bring along with it high quality visuals. To get that, serious gamers around the world are looking for the biggest and highest quality High Definition TVs to play their games on. The TV shown is the world's largest plasma television, a whopping 150 inch television! With this television, the characters in the game will be larger scale than a real life person… You can't get much bigger than this! Explosions, gun fire, and taking care of your piñatas (in Viva Piñata) will never be bigger, brighter, or more colorful than with this huge plasma HDTV.


Unlike the other products in this article, HDTVs are by far the most expensive product owned by the average consumer. This is because although HDTV prices have fallen over the years, they still are not cheap (by any means of the word), and are still carry a very hefty price tag. That being said, the best models of HDTVs that are high quality and are owned by many consumers, are Sony Bravia HDTVs (32-inch LCD, found at Amazon , shown here ), and Panasonic line HDTVs (42-inch plasma, found at Amazon, shown here ).

Unfortunately, not all consumers can afford some of these significantly expensive items. Because of this, products that are attached to each category (except HDTV) are products that I felt are high quality, yet within the price range reasonable for the average consumer.

Thanks for reading my article, 7 Things Gamers Can't Live Without! I hope I have been helpful in guiding you to the perfect gift for serious gamers.

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Apr 7, 2008
by Anonymous


i want the drink cooooler.. and its cute instead of the naggy fill in the random letters that they make it so i can't read .. i can just do a math problem :D wee. <3

Dec 10, 2008
by John P. Barker
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That TV is HUGE!!!!  I'd get vertigo playing a game on that thing... which isn't to say that I don't want one...  I just don't think I have a room large enough in my house... LOL.

Great article!