7 Ways To Clone Your Lover For Valentine's Day

Customized designs and products are certainly not new, but 5.5 Designers has taken "custom" to a new level by cloning its patrons to make products for their exacting specifications!

When I wrote about 5.5 Designers cloned eyeball lamps last Summer, I had no idea that its creative team would be embarking on a line of cloned products... But it seems they have and wait 'til you see what they are!

Here is the line of cloned products 5.5 has added to their marvelous creative mix.... Seven ways to show your lover how much you care!


1. Clone Your Lover's Stomach For A Pillow

How about a nice clone of your lover's tummy? You can hug it, or give it to him to sit on! Let 5.5 Designers do its thing, by sending in the clone. Nice size pillow too:approximately 19" x 15" x 8".





Hmm. Big one!




2. Clone Your Lover's Hairline For A Comb

Shoot two photos of your lover's hairline, one straight-on front, the other straight-on back, over to 5.5 Designers, and they will make the perfect comb for your lover's hair. Here are some examples of hair combs designed from cloned hairlines:




3. Clone Your Lover's Skeleton For A Clothes Valet

Oh, it's not as bad as it sounds; you just need his height.



Looks just like him!




4. Clone Your Lover's Profile For A Mirror

Mirrors of your profile or your loved ones? Very clever. Fill in the .pdf application with a photo of a profile you'd like to look at for awhile and voilà, your lover's profile will be cloned in a 2' by 2' mirror! Here's a chance to see your own creativity at work!



Before cloning....




5. Clone Your Lover's Posture For A Custom Posture Chair

Does she lean to the left when she sits? Does he sit on the edge of his seat? 5.5 Designers will make a custom posture chair to meet your lover's sitting habits. You do have to be cloned in person for this one, however, because they use Xsensor pressure cartography to design your chair. Look!


A woman, for example, sits on the Xsensor profiler...



... and the Xsenser reads the distribution of her weight. Here is the on-screen readout.



And here is her cloned finished bench.



Below, a finished chair cloned from a man who tilts to the left when he sits...



6. Clone Your Lover's Torso For A Ceramic Vase

Clone your lover's silhouetter to get a a sculpted hand-turned ceramic vase made by ceramic artist Claude Aiello in Vallauris, France. The cloned vase is shaped just like your lover's torso, and the height of the vase is approximately 25 inches.

This vase was cloned from a woman in about her seventh month of pregnancy.



This vase was cloned from a broad-shouldered man.



The subject here was a slim man with a small frame.




7. Clone Your Lover's Eyes For Eyeball Lamps

The eyes were the first cloned body part by 5.5. Cloning your lover's eyes is not as bad as it may seem, and the results are really fun! 5.5 provides a color chart and, in addition to a close up photo of each eye, you choose the color which most closely resembles them. See Cloned Eyeballs Make Eerie Lamps for the complete lowdown on the eyeball clones.

Nice eyes!



Especially when they're lit!



By all means, pay 5.5 Designers a visit. Their exuberance is catching.

Jan 19, 2009
by Katie Gatto

Eye Lamps

The vases are cool, but the only use I can think of for the eyeball lamps  is as a prank. You could put them in a childs room as a nightlight? (Kidding - don't scar your kids - life will do that on its own) Or maybe on the set of a B horror movie.

Jan 22, 2009
by Anonymous

What a post

realy a great post tobby i want to use this bt i haven't lover