10+ Cheap And Clever Self Defense Tools To Keep Women Safe

While these self defense products may look frou frou with their feminine colors and design, they pack some serious punch that is sure to catch any attacker by surprise.

Empower yourself or your loved ones with one or more of these inexpensive and effective girlie self defense products and show 'em what girlie really means:

1.  Pretty Metallic Heart Alarm Key Ring

 This heart key ring is so gorgeous you can easily be fooled into thinking it is just a fashion accessory. You can use it to hold your keys or wear it on your purse or anywhere you can use a pretty accessory.  It comes in a very pretty silver metal heart and a red metallic heart. It's function is not merely to look pretty. It houses a 100 decibel alarm that activates when the heart is turned on and you pull out the pin. It's not as loud or as durable or as small as I would like it to be, but when you are looking for a discreet alarm, it's hard to beat.

2. Safety Cat Women's Self Defense Keychain


Who doesn't love kitties?  Your attacker sure won't once you confront them with the razor sharp ends of this guard cat's ears.  For $5, this catty self defense keychain could be yours.


3. Cutie Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain

Though this adorable keychain might be giggle worthy, you'll be getting the last laugh.  This self defense keychain houses a not-so-cute alarm that blasts attackers with sound.  It would look good with the metallic heart alarm.


4. Electra Concealed Lipstick Stun Gun


This pink lipstick is absolutely stunning.  No, literally, this "lipstick" by Guard Dog Security is a concealed stun gun.  Beauty really is pain!

5. Pepper Spray Bracelet

Defend yourself in style.  For around $20 this pretty pink or black bracelet holds something you wouldn't suspect - mace!  Have your assailant running away in tears with a spray or five of this discreet pepper spray designed to surprise. The biggest problem with self defense tools is having them when you need them. This adjustable silicone bracelet makes having the pepper spray handy so easy. Just wear it when you feel the need for extra protection when you are out for a hike, our running by yourself or walking home late at night. 

6. Pink Monkey Fist Paracord Self Defense Keychain

They won't even know what hit 'em, but you will: a monkey fist.  You read that correctly.  While it may not look like much, this monkey fist keychain made with paracord has the ability to crack open a skull.

7. Self Defense Rings

Rings are often used for self defense but most are ugly.  This gorgeous ring offers far more than a fashion statement, it can save your life.  These resin rings by anjaguggenheim on Etsy are a beautiful and convenient way to amp up your safety.  I also think this punk style ring pack is also a fun way to add some additional safetygear into your life with ease. You can wear one or all of these in whatever fun combination you come up with.  if you are looking for something really sleek and subtle, these cat self defense rings look great andstylish as well.


8. Self Defense Kick Shoe Device

Kick them until they're down with these self defense kick devices for your shoes.  Simply place them under your shoelaces on your sneakers or boots before you go out to add a little safety to your workout routine or daily errands. They are super light and discreet but really effective.  One kick to the shins should be enough to shock your attacker and give you time to escape. They are available in a variety of colors to make them blend in with your shoes.

9. FURY Tactical Self Defense Keychain

Just looking at this makes my jugular hurt.  Put this ornate self defense keychain with a pressure tip on your keychain and anyone who's thinking about attacking will most likely change their mind.


10. Panda Panic Alarm

The Panda Panic Alarm looks cute enough to be a toy but it works as well as it looks.  It has a very loud 125 decibel ear-piercing alarm that sounds for up to 30 minutes. To turn it on, all you need to do is pull off  the grenade style pin. It also is bright  light up eyes that you can turn on to work as a flashlight simply by raising it's left arm. The wrist strap serves as the activation pin for the panda alarm.  It was designed for children to use but it seems like a great alarm for any panda lover. Cute and functional!

Bonus Item.  Cuff Smart Jewelry To Stay Connected


This is a bit different from the other self defense type tools featured in this article but I thought it worth highlighting for folks interested in the latest innovations in self defense safety for women. Cuff has a line of smart jewelry to help women stay connected. If you are in a jam, you can notify your network that you need help. There are variety of pieces and many are interchangeable and they are surprisingly affordable. If you are interested in what wearable technology has to offer in terms of keeping your loved ones connected, check out our article on jewelry that can save your life, visit Cuff, or read reviews and buy Cuff Jewelry here.

Though these products are a strong deterrent for potential attackers, it's always a good idea to arm yourself with knowledge.  Take a self defense class and/or watch a video or two like Stilettos and Self Defense by Jennifer Cassetta:


 Redefine what it means to fight like a girl!

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