83-Year-Old Chinese Senior Citizen Builds Electric Moped Car, Charges Across The Country

Like Ford, a spry senior citizen had a better idea (than languishing in a rest home) and had the smarts and skills to make it happen. Also like Ford, Liuzhen Han's idea was building a car.

Reaching the age of 83 is a milestone most of us aspire to but once achieved, the real question is what to do then... besides waiting to reach 84. This retired aircraft engineer from Meizhou in China's southern Guangdong Province has no time to wait; he's busy building fully functional hand-made “moped cars” and seeing the world from their cramped but cozy single seats.

Liuzhen's latest creation may look a little rough around the edges but keep in mind much of the parts are either handmade or adapted from their original purpose. He even claims to have invented several new technologies that are so unique they could be patented...  “could be”, not have been, but let's not denigrate what this determined oldster's accomplished basically by the skin of his teeth.

The first moped car to roll out of Liuzhen's garage under its own power was made mainly to “promote the Olympic spirit” in the rundown to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as reported by CNS.

With each new vehicle, Liuzhen learned a little more and at this point he's confident his new electric moped car will carry him – and only him – across China from north to south, east to west, and border to border.

The vehicle doesn't look like much and as for safety... let's not go there. Liuzhen Han, however, disregards any and all limits, having already put several thousand kilometers on the odometer (assuming he installed one) with his most recent journey taking him to Jilin Province. Forget the Kardashians, someone needs to give Liuzhen Han a reality TV show. “Keeping Up With Han”, perhaps? Try it if you can. (via GBTimes)