89mpg Harley : Winner of the 2008 Green Grand Prix

The Green Grand Prix, which takes place in Watkins Glen, NY, is the only race sponsered by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) in the US specifically for alternative fuel vehicles. This year, there were many great entries covering every genre of vehicle, but 1 stood out when it came to fuel efficiency.

The event is divided into 2 separate parts. The larger is a 60 mile road race in which the drivers are timed on how lone it takes to complete the course. The second part is a building contest to see who can design the engine that gets the highest number of miles to every gallon of gasoline.

The winner of the latter was William Bolch with his 1990 Harley Davidson FX12P. Overall he managed to achieve 89 miles per gallon with a modified biodiesel powerplant.

All in all, the competition saw dozens of different cars, trucks and customs all with differently engineered powerplants. There was also a total of 10 different types of fuel. Everything from natural gas to solar power and even wood made an appearance. Many of the lessons learned here will be taken into R&D and could one day be seen on the road in production form.

Source : Faster and Faster

May 28, 2008
by Anonymous

This bike can do 90mpg

This bike can do 90mpg, only need to replace the rider.
Good job.

May 29, 2008
by Anonymous

That's so cool

I regularly got over 70mpg on my Harley, but 89mpg is great. Imagine if even 5% of the people commuting to work alone in their cars rode to work instead. Not to mention, Riding is WAY more fun than driving.

May 29, 2008
by makeworldbetter
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Why not ride with some 400cc Japaness bike? Save more I guess.