8 Cool Customizable Fashions For The Real Fashion Lover

I'm a big fan of customization, particularly when it comes to fashion, and I know I'm not alone. Not all of us can be fashion designers, but customizable fashions do get to put our own mark on the clothing and accessories that we choose to wear so they're unique. Here are some of the coolest customizable fashions on the market today.

#8 Customizable Fashion - Build Your Own Backpack

Build Your Own BackpackBuild Your Own Backpack

Is there anything worse than going to your first day of school, only to find that at least one of your other classmates has the same backpack as you? For the budding fashionista, that's a big travesty. Build-a-Bag allows people of all ages to play fashion designer and allows them to reflect their style. It's actually not only backpacks they feature either; laptop cases, messenger bags and totes are included as well. During the design process, it's possible to true materials, colors and much more.

#7 Customizable Fashion - Stolen Girlfriends Club Incomplete Designs

Stolen Girlfriends ClubStolen Girlfriends Club

This is a unique fashion line that is ideal for the true fashion lover who wants to incorporate an element of design into everything that they wear. The design company starts the designs of their modern and on-trend clothing, but leaves the rest to be finished by those who wear it! It's a fun way to play designer while really reflecting personal style.

#6 Customizable Fashion - Photographic Sneakers

Custom Photo SneakersCustom Photo Sneakers

This is one line that customizes their designs for their customers. It's what they do overall, but one of the coolest designs that they came out with was a pair of customizable sneakers that were available in 2009 for 300 GBP a pop. The design features engraved images based on photographs submitted by fashion lovers in need of a pair of unique, and luxurious sneakers that are truly one of a kind.

#5 Customizable Fashion - Personalized Helmet Covers

Custom Helmet CoversCustom Helmet Covers

Available from designer Vincon are helmet covers that fit over scooter and motorcycle helmets for a little bit of personalized design that makes any bike rider feel like a pro whether they're just cruising the streets or competing in an event. Those in seek of a unique look for their helmets can choose every aspect of their design for their helmet covers and even pick up a couple to swap them out based on outfit choice.

#4 Customizable Fashion - Adidas Soccer Sneakers

Customized Soccer SneakersCustomized Soccer Sneakers

With these innovative soccer boots, it's really not about look but about feel. The F50 TUNiT shoes by Adidas use a unique technology that provides optimal comfort to the wearer's foot which is where the customization element comes in. Naturally, these shoes are more for the serious soccer player than for someone simply interested in getting the look. Though style does come into play too since there are different colors to choose from.