8 Cool Customizable Fashions For The Real Fashion Lover

#3 Customizable Fashion - Design Your Own Jeans

Design Your Own JeansDesign Your Own Jeans

Egle Bespoke is a customizable jean company in Paris that allows people to design their own jeans, and you know just how important a good pair of jeans really is! They're not the first to do this, with a New York based company following a similar structure. But Egle Bespoke jeans are custom-fit, and fashion lovers can choose the wash, cut, threading and other elements of the design as well as a monogram.

#2 Customizable Fashion - Custom Eyelash Designs

Custom EyelashesCustom Eyelashes

PTKR is a leading false eyelash manufacturer, but they don't just produce anything; they create eyelashes with the wearers in mind. Individuals can choose from a number of eyelash categories including colored, glow-in-the-dark, hologrammed, feathered or natural.

#1 Customizable Fashion - Customized Couture Shoes

Terry de HavilladTerry de Havillad

Terry de Havilland is a famous couture shoe designer, but now, for a cost he can create beautiful couture shoe creations for the masses. The best part, is it's part of a walk-in style service where women can simply outline their design ideas, likes, dislike, needs and wants and end up with a custom shoe!

Some of the above via: TrendHunter