8 Great Dog Lover Gifts For The Holidays


The Holidays are here again and so are this year's gift choices for the dog loving humans in your life.  Here are eight of my picks that are sure to be useful as well as fun for those very special people....



Dog Lover Gift 1: Swarovski Crystal & Leather Dog Paw Bracelet

Who would not love this beautifully crafted Swarovski Elements Dog Paw bracelet?  If you can't think of anyone, I'll take it!


Swarovski Element Dog Paw BraceletSwarovski Element Dog Paw Bracelet


The sparkle of the Swarovski crystals and shiny rhodium paw print against the black leather band is very striking. The bracelet has a magnetic clasp to assure its safe-keeping on your arm. The Swarovski Elements Dog Paw Bracelet comes all ready for gifting!

Dog Lover Gift 2: "The Rules" Pillow Cases

There's not a dog lover in the world who won't have first hand knowledge of what is printed on these pillow cases...


The Rules: Pillow cases for dog loversThe Rules: Pillow cases for dog lovers


The pillow case to your left reads:

The Rules

The dog stays outside always!

The dog can be inside, but must stay off the furniture.

The dog can be on the furniture, but never the bed.

The dog can sleep on the bed, but not under the blankets.

I give up. The dog can sleep anywhere.


The pillow case on the right reads:


ˆ Rules

Humans must ask permission

to sleep under the blankets.


These adorable pillow cases are made of a satiny micro-fiber and fit standard size pillows. Machine washable, these Rules cases will match any linens. (Update: This has sold out. Another cute pillowcase to consider is the "Sleeps With Dogs" available here.) 


Dog Lover Gift No. 3:  Custom Dog Photo iPhone Cover

A photo of the dog, of course!  No, the dog breed is not good enough - suppose it's a mutt, anyway?  It must be his or her dog's actual photo uploaded and printed on the iPhone 5 cover.  Look at these adorable cases! You can order one here. (Update: These covers are sold out. but there are some incredibly cute dog covers here.


Dog Lover iPhone 5 Cover - PersonalizedDog Lover iPhone 5 Cover - Personalized


Dog Lover Gift Number 4: Custom Dog Photo iPad Cover

At the risk of being redundant, an iPad Cover would not be the same without a guy's dog on the cover - nor a gal's either.  So, this custom gift is a must too! (Update: these are sold out too but these adorable dog covers may be even better.)


Dog Lover Gift Number 5: Dog Kisses Lip Balm

If you just want a little something for a dog lover, this is the it gift this season.   A luscious lick any time, this sweet Dog Kisses Lip Balm in Vanilla Drool is just the thing for winter weather.  Yum!


Dog Kisses Vanilla Drool Lip BalmDog Kisses Vanilla Drool Lip Balm


Dog Lover Gift No. 6: The Big New Yorker Book Of Dogs

Not just a book of New Yorker dog cartoons - as if that would not have been enough! - but a compendium of cartoons, drawings, and dog stories from the best writers in the world, as only the New Yorker can summon.  The first edition of The Big New Yorker Book Of Dogs is a must for any dog lover.


The Big New Yorker Book Of DogsThe Big New Yorker Book Of Dogs


Dog Lover Gift No. 7:  Dog Rules Woven Pillow

Here are more dog rules, this time woven into a beautiful poly-cotton pillow with plenty of dog paws imprinted so no one can mistake who exactly wrote these rules....


Dog Rules Pillow by Manual Woodworkers & WeaversDog Rules Pillow by Manual Woodworkers & Weavers


The Dog Rules Pillow is made lovingly by Manual Woodworkers and Weavers and is a 12.5" square. It reads...


If I take it,

it's mine.

If it's in my

mouth, it's mine.

If I had it a little

while ago, it's mine.

If I can take it from

you, it's mine.

If I'm tired of it,

it's yours.

Yes, you know the dog, don't you?


Dog Love Gift No. 8: 'Bad Dog Wisdom' Coasters

Artist Patricia Carlin knows her dogs, that's for sure.  In this set of coasters the main commands a dog learns in the first few attempts at training are promptly unlearned whenever he darn well feels like doing otherwise.  Don't worry, your dog-loving friend will know this or these dogs.  Available at Uncommon Goods, along with other 'Bad Dog Wisdom' items.


 'Bad Dog Wisdom' Coasters by Patricia Carlin'Bad Dog Wisdom' Coasters by Patricia Carlin


The array of dog lover gifts are super this year. Any one of them would be appreciated by a true dog lover!

That's the buzz for today!

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