8 Great Father's Day Gifts for the Military Man

5) IronKey USB Flash Drive - We Never Rust

Though a product of the good old US of A, the IronKey USB flash drive is a class leader and stands head & shoulder above the thumb-drive crowd when it comes to protecting mission-critical data. Get him the Government version at prices that range from $79 for the 1GB key to $299 for the largest capacity 8GB key. (You can also find these at Amazon.)

This ain't no toy - take it from IronKey: "With the support of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the industry's leading cryptography and Internet experts, and years of research and development, IronKey has developed the world's most secure flash drive. The IronKey drive combines high-speed, hardware-based encryption in a hardened-case to thwart even the most sophisticated attacks." Whoa... bring it on, Osama!



6) Wii Hero Pack for Living Room Sabre-Rattlers

Even the toughest soldier needs to wind down, and what better way than with the Wii Hero Pack? The nice folks at Camy Intl have created a neat sword & shield combo that works with standard Wii-motes that allow the player to swing, block, even shoot! The Wii Hero Pack will bring a smile to any knight, medieval or modern. (Update: The Wii Hero Pack is no longer available. Other Wii Packs are available here.



7) Isaburo Rucksack Stows Gear in Style

Lugging heavy backpacks over difficult terrain is part & parcel for servicemen in the Army, Navy, Marines and Special Forces. Their civilian-issue rucksack had better perform to that level. Here's one that does: the Isaburo City123 Rucksack. "Available in Crocodile, Snake, or Lizard!"... sounds good already! Seriously though, this is THE way to carry your gear through jungles natural or concrete.

Good looking, built to last and tough as nails, the Isaburo City123 Rucksack goes for $699 to $799  - a hefty chunk of change to be sure, but that's what you'll pay to get the very best, custom-made, exclusive backpack on this or any planet. (Update: This rucksack is no longer available. Other well rated high performance rucksacks are available here.)



8) Soldiers Egg Holder Guards Your Rations

It's said an army travels on its stomach, but I don't mean those grueling obstacle course crawls featured in Full Metal Jacket. Lighten up breakfast time with the Soldiers Egg Holder created by noted creative artist Reiko Kaneko. This "Battle on the Breakfast Table" will be sure to raise the level of egg-citement to just above shell-shock. Don't shoot 'til you see the whites of their eggs... and that's no yolk! Only £9.95 (about $22) plus international shipping from NOTCOT in the UK.

Well, that wraps up this year's list of 8 Great Father's Day Gifts for the Military Man. Thanks guys, have a great Father's Day wherever you are and know that the greatest gift of all is the freedom you've fought for us all to enjoy!

Updated: November 2013

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Steve Levenstein