8 Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Favorite Geek

There really is nothing better than the love shared between two nerds. It's compassionate, based on mutual interests and comfortable. If you're still having a hard time figuring out what to give your partner in dorkiness, maybe something on this list can help spark your imagination.

For the Girly Geek: A Charm Bracelet With Designs She Can Dig


Just because a gal is a bit of a nerd doesn't mean she doesn't like jewelry. Unfortunately, if you head to your local jeweler, you might have a hard time finding something really up her alley. Fortunately, Think Geek offers this fantastic European-Style Charm Bracelet that features accessories any nerdy gal can get behind -like Mario mushrooms, Portal cubes and knights.

For the Lovecraftian Lover: Cthuhlu in Love Perfume

Is your love wet, hot and slimy like a certain tentacled elder god? Then proclaim your feelings without saying a word this year with this Cthulhu in Love perfume that is scented with incense, spices, kelp, sea salt, mystery, dark ocean plants and mixed chocolates.

For the Girl Who Waited: Valentine's Dalek Earrings

 Has a dedicated Whovian taken over your heart(s)? Then show her that even the cold, emotionless Daleks will respond to the power of your love with these Red Supreme Valentine's Dalek Dangle Earrings. The day Daleks start playing cupid, you know your romance has the power to bring peace to the universe.

For the My Little Pony Fanatic: A Plush Unicorn Bouquet

Whether you're in love with a brony or a gal that never grew out of her favorite childhood obsession, this brilliant bouquet of unicorns is certain to impress. Don't bother with flowers that will just wilt away when you can instead give your true love an 11 stem unicorn bouquet with detachable plush unicorns that can be appreciated for years to come.

For the Baby-Obsessed: A Sperm and Egg Moonlight Panorama

 If your sweetie has been pushing you to start making your own mini-geeks together, there's no better way to announce that you're finally ready than with this romantic scene showing the Giant Microbe versions of a sperm and egg cell getting cozy together under the moonlight. It's both touching and scientific -the best of both baby-making worlds.

For the Romantic Gamer: An 8-Bit Flower Bouquet


Did your special someone spend their childhood rescuing princesses from evil wizards, gorillas or spiky dinosaurs?  Then they know what love means -even when it exists in a two-dimensional world. So show that you support their ideal side-scrolling relationship with this great 8-bit flower bouquet.

For the LEGO-Lover: A Build-On Brick Mug

If you expect to get your favorite guy or gal a LEGO wedding ring should matrimony ensue, then set the stage for your future with this functional and fantastic LEGO coffee cup. As a bonus, anyone equally obsessed with coffee will be thrilled to discover that the bottom can be attached to LEGOs as well, so you can build part of a remote-controlled LEGO car on the bottom so coffee is always a short remote-controlled drive away.

For the Desk-Dweller: An Anatomical Heart Pencil Holder

Ready to tell your cubicle mate that you're ready to take your romance to the next level by notifying HR? Then subtly place this heart-shaped pencil holder on their desk with a few red roses. Of course, only do this if you know the person pretty well, otherwise you might have another kind of meeting with HR -the kind where you get fired because they think you're a murderous stalker.

 Have you already got your dream geek a gift? Well, share your brilliant score in the comments. Maybe you could help someone else solve their last-minute gift-giving dilemma. And, if you're looking for a sweet treat to make your special nerdy someone, then don't miss this Geekosystem article with all kinds of tasty Valentine's Day snacks.