7 Top Grain-Free Dental Treats For Dogs & Cats


My pets are on grain-free diets, so naturally when I buy their treats I like to buy those that are also grain free. I give my dog Bully Sticks to keep his gums and teeth in good shape, but I've wanted to give him something that was especially shaped to reach all parts of his teeth.  Until recently, I couldn't find any versions of the dental treats that were grain-free. For cats, that was even more of a challenge.... until now.

Here are 7 of the highest rated grain-free dental treats for dogs and cats....

1. Zuke's Z-Bones Grain-Free Dental Chews For Dogs

Zuke's Grain Free Z-Bones are my own dog's best friends.  It could be because he loves apples!  (He doesn't know he's carnivorous.) Actually, Zuke's Grain-Free bones come in Apple Crisp, Carrot Crisp, and Berry Crisp. They have a potato and tapioca base with natural breath fresheners such as chlorophyll, clove, vanilla, parsley and rosemary help fight doggy breath.


Zuke's Z-Bones Grain FreeZuke's Z-Bones Grain Free


2. Nutrident Complete Grain-Free Adult Dog Dental Chews

Now what dog doesn't love peanut butter?  How did dogs survive in the wild without it?  Nutrident Grain Free Dental Chews, also potato based, is peanut butter flavor, has multi-pronged 'scrubbing nubs' to challenge your canine's canines, and has special proprietary plaque and tartar fighting ingredients. In multiple sizes.


NutriDent Complete Grain Free Dental ChewsNutriDent Complete Grain Free Dental Chews


NutriDent Complete Grain Free Dental ChewsNutriDent Complete Grain Free Dental Chews


3. Get Naked Low Calorie Grain-Free Dental Chew Sticks For Dogs

Get Naked makes several varieties of health-directed chew sticks for dogs; their main feature is that they are all low-calorie, although still somewhat filling. (Yes, some dental chews can put weight on your dog, if you give them too frequently.)

The other great feature of the Get Naked Dental Chew Sticks is that they are not only wheat free, but soy free, gluten free, and corn free.


Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks for DogsGet Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks for Dogs


4. Starmask Everlasting Grain-Free Dental Treats For Dogs

The grooves in the Starmask Everlasting Dental Treats are there to help clean your dog's teeth from multiple angles.  And Starmask makes chewing the treats even more challenging with its special treat holders, including the Everlasting Treat Ball, Everlasting Bento Ball, and Everlasting Fireplug.   The Treats are wheat, corn, and soy free.  Make sure you choose matching sizes of treats and treat holders for your dog!


Star Mark Everlasting TreatsStar Mark Everlasting Treats


5. Smart n' Tasty Grain-Free Dental Treats For Cats

Gluten and grain free, the Smart n'Tasty Cat Dental Treats come in 3 flavors - chicken, salmon, and tuna - and are only 2 calories each! Yummy too!


Smart n' Tasty Cat Chicken Dental TreatsSmart n' Tasty Cat Chicken Dental Treats


6. Pet Greens Grain-Free Crunchy Dental Treats for Cats

Pet Greens Crunchies control tartar in three imaginative flavors: Turkey & Veggie, Chicken Pot Pie, and Seafood Salad!  They are wheat, soy, and gluten free too! (Update: These are no longer available)


Pet Greens Treats Seafood Salad Crunchy Cat TreatPet Greens Treats Seafood Salad Crunchy Cat Treat


7. Spot Feline Harvest Grain-Free Dental Treats For Cats

Available in Chicken, Salmon, and Tuna flavors Spot Feline Harvest cat dental treats contain lots of protein meal in each package - chicken, tuna, duck, salmon, and lots of peas too! Nice crunchy chips for your kitty.


Feline Harvest Cat TreatsFeline Harvest Cat Treats


Make sure you brush your pet's teeth regularly too.  It will save you a lot of money in pet dental bills!


That's the buzz for today!

 Originally published October 2013 and updated May 2015.

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