8 Ugly Watches That Might Tell The Time

Watches can help define a personality. Sports watches are meant for runners who want to record how long it takes them to get from point A to point B. Jewellery watches are for individuals looking for a shiny accessory to go along with their suitor tuxedo. There’s also the watch for the person in between, who just wants to know the time on a regular basis.

The following watches don’t fit into a category, because they’re either a bit too ugly to wear or they don’t tell the time at all!


1. I Can't Believe Its 9 p.m. In Switzerland!

Even if they are meant for a person of class, these watches from Icelink feature six time zones and have a crocodile leather band. Crikey!

Source: J-Walk Blog

2. Futuristic But Not Friendly

Created by S-Mode, the Oberon watch uses white LED lights to tell the time. The outer ring of lights indicates the hour, the middle ring is for single minutes and the inner ring for minutes in groups of ten. It does sound like a simple way to tell the time, but since the LED lights are so close together, there’s the chance on may lose count.

Source: Freshpilot

3. Reading The Time Is For Losers

This Japan-based watch from is what they call the High Frequency wrist watch by Equalizer. Basically, the display of the watch has an equalizer effect, where the lights bounce up and down. When all the lights fall down, two lights appear and indicate the time for five seconds. Does sound cool, if you like looking at bright LED lights bouncing up and down.

Source: Wrist Dreams

4. Bound To Leave You Spinning Over It's Importance

Created by a team of artists and designers from Japan (with manufacturing assistance from Seiko Instruments) the Rotating Earth Watch does more than tell the time! Wait a second, it doesn’t even tell the time. It’s just a watch with a miniature globe that rotates like the actual Earth. At least it’s priced around $600 U.S.

Source: The Green Head

5. A Watch Not Meant For Those Who Flunked Math

The stainless steel Shinshoku watch tells the time by using a series of LED lights arranged in a honeycomb-like grid. A red light indicates one hour, the green light represents 15 minutes and a yellow light means one minute. If you’d like to see your friend become instantly stressed and destructive, then buy this watch as a gift for them!

Source: TFTS

6. Too Many Lines = Confusion!

The EleeNo Kion Elite is a solid stainless steel watch that is said to add elegance to a person’s look. It may look stylish, but with one dial that tells the hour and some sort of “finger” in the striped background, its more like an attack on your brain.

Source: Wrist Style

7. Even Batman Wouldn't Wear This

Like its name implies, the Twelve 5-9 Q Version watch uses the 12-5-9 method of telling time (12 hours, 5x10 minutes, 9 single minutes). Sounds cool, but it still looks bulky and hideous.

Source: Fosfor Gadgets

8. The Offspring Of A Watch And A Typewriter

Inspired by old Curta calculators, the time is given on barrels: the top one is for hours, the bottom for minutes. The most alarming fact is that the watch costs around $220,000 U.S.

Source: The Watchismo Times

Which one do you think is the ugliest watch? Would you wear any of these watches?

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Jun 29, 2008
by Anonymous


those are ugly watches!

Jun 29, 2008
by Anonymous


who wears watches anymore?

Jun 29, 2008
by Anonymous


I wear a watch and as I said above these are ugly watches.

Jun 30, 2008
by Anonymous


do ppl buy such stuff?
What a waste of money. At least #2 looks decent. The rest (esp the last one) dont even look like something Id like to put on my wrist!

Dec 10, 2008
by Anonymous


who wears watches ? those who are not always carrying a cell phone ?