8 Unusual Headphones That May Scare Your Ears

In today’s society, one pair of headphones seems to rule us all. It may be because of the brand name behind it, as the white iPod earphones are clearly the number one choice to accompany an MP3 player. Some companies have dared to be different by creating weird designs. But as the following list shows, choosing to take the dare instead of sticking to what’s true can be a horrible decision.

Unusual Headphones #1. Koss KSC75

These headphones are titanium-coated and created to give a listener high-quality sound. Clip-on headsets are cool when it comes to originality, but they look better with a simple design than something that accidentally dropped out of a UFO. (Buy here )

Source: Compudio

Unusual Headphones #2. Acurra SR-660

Almost see-through, the product’s design is perfect for when you’re working in a factory or on a construction site. Sure it does have an old-school look, but is it something the hipsters of today will accept with open arms?

Source: CryoParts

Unusual Headphones #3. Fatman FatPhones

The main feature of the FatFones is that its designed to make sure no sound “leaks” when you’re listening to your favourite music. But that feature comes at a price and I don’t mean money. It is designed to fit into your ear perfectly, but the slug-like tip of the headphones is hideous. There is the option of taking off the tip, but that would defeat the whole purpose of preventing “sound leakage”. 

Source: Fatman

Unusual Headphones #4. Logitech Curve

Even though they’re meant for the younger crowd, these headphones look too much like plastic rubber. They also wrap around the back of your head which can take time to get use too. (Buy here )

Source: iPod Observer

Unusual Headphones #5. AKG Acoustic K701

Pinned at a hefty price tag, the K701 is said to be extremely comfortable. However, the self-proclaimed “ear speaker” belongs in a home studio than on a bus or in a gym. (Buy here )

Source: Stereophile

Unusual Headphones #6. Skullcandy Headphones

There’s a good reason why a specific model or design wasn’t named. That’s because most of these headphones are a bit too stylish. The designs are definitely creative and keeping true to the “bulky look” works, but some are just a bit over the top.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Unusual Headphones #7. AKG K100

Move over studio headsets, these headphones just blew you out of the water in terms of size! Along with looking freakishly big, the AKG K100 looks like electronic ear muffs. They’re claimed to be high performance headphones that create an incredible sound, but is it worth risking your sense of fashion?

Source: Enjoy The Music

Unusual Headphones #8. Takara Tomy's Transformers Headphones

At first they look like miniature white hockey pucks, but these headphones are anything but ordinary because they transform. Yes, it’s true. The odd headphones transform into a Transformer! The concept is cool, but for some reason it looks like Megatron’s hastily trying to get away from the evil contraption known as “the ear”. (Buy here )

Source: Freshpilot


Which one do you think is the most unusual pair of headphones? Are there any other weird headphones you know of that should have been mentioned?

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Jul 17, 2008
by Anonymous


out of these I like Koss KSC75 and Logitech Curve (why would that be just for the younger people? ) and possibly I like Skullcandy Headphones though not in pink and I'm a woman ! :D All of them are probably way to expensive for me, I have no headphones at present :(

Jul 17, 2008
by HelloKit
HelloKit's picture

I had no idea that the white

I had no idea that the white iPod headphones were the number one choice. I find it hard to believe since they are so horribly uncomfortable. I much prefer my Sony over-the-ear headphones.

Jul 17, 2008
by Anonymous


Your attitude is so negative to every pair of headphones, what's with that? It seems that you aspire to some lame ideal of "normal"; it doesnt make me want to read your blog in the slightest.

Jul 17, 2008
by Anonymous

Fit the list

I noticed something interesting with this list.
I have owned 3 different pairs of headphones with my current iPod, two of which fit this list:
1. Standard issue whites- They are probably the least comfortable of the 3
2. Logitech Curve (#4)- Liked them much more than the iPod headphones, but were slightly itchy.
3. Skullcandy SC-Ti (#6)- Incredibly comfortable. I went back to the all white aesthetic of my first pair, so I didn't really go with any over the top styles...
(4.) When those die, I was thinking about getting Acurras or AKGs (#2/#5)

My conclusion; that our tastes in headphones are polar opposites of each other--- I'm not lending you any advice.

Jan 29, 2009
by Anonymous

Who cares what they look

Who cares what they look like, Koss KSC75, AKG 701, and AKG K100 are some great headphones.

If you want to see unusual, look up Jecklin Float

Feb 4, 2009
by Anonymous

Your review is awful.

What weird kind of beige world do you live in that you dislike every one of these because they are weird? I've stumbled upon this blog before and recognise your tone. Maybe you are trying to be humorous and fail because of inadequite grammar?