8 Weird Earth-Friendly Products

Human-powered Ferris Wheel

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than a 100% eco-friendly, human-powered Ferris wheel? Granted, it's only available in India and is a little dangerous, but this is cool enough to take a solar and wind powered boat out there to celebrate.


Poop is an invaluable resource to greenies. We may be able to turn it into fuel in the future, we can use it to help compost piles, we can use it to help insulate mud homes, and we can use it as fertilizer. We are also making a huge effort to turn it into paper. Once it's in paper form though, why are we working so hard to make it pretty -like these poopourri and elephant poop roses? I just don't understand the novelty of cute poop.

Wood Powered Dutch Tub

Just because you're eco-friendly doesn't mean you have to give up on life's luxuries. This wood-powered hot tub, known as the Dutch Tub, is a great way to have a much more natural Jacuzzi experience. Granted, is still some emissions from the wood being burned, but there's no harm in throwing some food on the wok above the flames and making the most of your green house gasses. Dinner and a dip anyone?

Whatever your plans for Earth Day, have a great time and keep it green!


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Jill Harness
Weird Gizmos, Toys and Whatnots 

Apr 20, 2009
by Toby
Toby's picture


Fun blog, Jill!  I love the Ferris Wheel!

Apr 21, 2009
by Anonymous


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Apr 22, 2009
by Anonymous


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