The 7 Weirdest, Tackiest, Creepiest and Sickest Halloween Costumes of 2009

They say Halloween is the day where you get to see people bring their inner desires to life, so what does it say about a person who has a zombie fetus escaping from their womb or a man with another man's body coming from his butt? If your costume does reflect a bit of your innerself then these people are total weirdoes.

Most Offensive Movie Costume: Hancock Inmates

Who doesn't want to pretend to have someone's head up their butt? While this costume is hilarious and depicts a great scene from the movie Hancock, it still seems a weird choice for a costume, but hey, I guess it's better than having your own head up you're a**.

Best Movie Pun: Womb Raider

If you thought Octomom was tacky, just imagine wearing this "womb raider" costume combining her expansive uterus with the mysterious beauty and strength of Laura Croft. While the costume is displayed on a thin model, I'd love to see it on someone who actually looks pregnant. Just make sure you don't shoot those babies too far.

Creepiest Kid's Costume: Children's  Pimp Outfit

While the kid wearing this may be showing a predisposition for his role as a future drunken frat boy, the real losers in this scenario are the parents who should know better than to allow a kid to dress up as a pimp. I'd be surprised if most schools will let a kid stay in class when dressed as a pimp.

Most Socially Insensitive: Anna Rexia

Eating disorders are so funny! Or at least, that's the thought behind this skeleton dress costume. The product page claims "You can never be too rich or too thin." I beg to differ and so would the families of the over 16,000 people who die from eating disorders every year. Maybe next year you can have a sexy cancer survivor costume with a bald cap. Classy.


Most Gory Movie Costume: Death Becomes Her

In 2006, Evan Booth created a revolutionary idea for a Halloween costume involving a hole in his gut created with a small digital camcorder and a portable dvd player screen. In 2008, Nichole Magne stepped the idea up a notch by actually using the hole in a recognizable context, by recreating the coolest effect from Death Becomes Her. The result is too cool to resist, though still a bit disturbing.

Best Meme: Helmet Cat


Internet memes are kind of like an inside joke that anyone can be a part of. This helmet cat costume is a perfect example, you either recognize the popular image of a cat wearing a lime as a helmet and laugh or you look at it with a blank expression of confusion. Either way the wearer is happy.

Creepiest Pet Costume: Sexy School Girl Dog

I'm all for pet costumes, but there's just something wrong about dressing your dog in a sexy outfit. Sure it's cute and it's perfect for someone who belongs in Legally Blonde, but think about the creepy guy who's always been too interested in your dog in the first place. Do you really need to give him more eye candy from your little Tinkerbelle?

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Oct 28, 2009
by Anonymous


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