8coupons & Foursquare Does A Spin On Mad Men Advertising

Remember in the days of Mad Men, when  Grandma and Mom use to cut those store coupons out of the newspaper and strategically categorize them for redemption when she went shopping. That popular form of advertising was for the cost-conscious generation that had lived through two World Wars and a Depression.

Today's hipper generation has moved on. While times are tough this side of the millennium, and folks are still looking for ways to spend their money wisely, 8coupons is creating a buzz with their discount app coupon service for mobiles.

8coupons and the popular local-based social service Foursquare have hooked up to offer today's modern-version of coupon cutting. Presently only available in NYC, 8coupons makes it easy to stretch a buck in the Big Apple. Their feature called “Deals on demand™” allows you to send coupons to your cell phones as a text message, which in turn can be redeemed at a store, restaurant or a bar by just showing your server or cashier the text display on your phone. No more cutting or pasting involved. Wouldn't Grandma and Mom have loved this?

Text couponsText coupons

By partnering with Foursquare, the 8coupon deals will automatically notify you when you are within a 3 block radius of a relevant deal. Dependent on your location, you can now be alerted of deals like 88 cent Mojitos at Candela Candela in the East Village or an 8 cent scoop of ice cream at the Cold Stone Creamery in Astor Place.

So what's the deal with the number "8", you ask? Well, while 8coupons does offer discounts and percentages off on certain products, its OCHO LOCO program seeks out specials with Manhattan's local establishments to provide super-deals at very low prices that end in the number 8. And when you sign up for the OCHO LOCO Alerts, you can have these deals pop up on your mobiles, PCs or office computers as they become available.

The partnership with Foursquare is poised to make that player a leader in the location-based social networking space.

While the LBS arena is getting very crowded (see previous blog on the TOP TEN LBS), Foursquare is scaling nicely based on its distinctive advantage featuring offerings like 8coupons. Now it has to check out what it can do in other major cities throughout the US, beyond NYC. The Foursquare app is available for free at the iTunes Store.

Foursquare available at the iTunes App StoreFoursquare available at the iTunes App Store

According to a NY Times article, "In addition to consumers, retailers — particularly ones with perishable items that need to sell quickly — are becoming fans of mobile coupons. Buttercup Bake Shop, a bakery in Manhattan, used 8coupons to offer cupcakes for 8 cents for one day only. Subscribers to 8coupons were immediately alerted via a text message when the offer went live.

“It was very successful,” said Kara Martinez, director of operations at Buttercup Bake Shop. “We had a little over 500 people show up.”

So signing up for Foursquare and 8coupons might be just the prudent thing to do during these current recessionary times. And this partnership is not only providing us with cost-savings, its saving us time in locating deals that are within close proximity to our where-abouts. 

Happy coupon-texting!

Aug 29, 2009
by Anonymous

Too Bad It is only in NYC

I wish this were available in other cities and nationwide.

Aug 31, 2009
by Anonymous

Good idea

This seems like a great idea. I think it would go over very well, at first. Unfortunately, I would imagine just like everything else that is new, people will get so many coupons on their phone or be in such a rush that they will start blocking the coupons or just not have the few seconds it takes to find it on the phone and present it to the cashier. Most likely people won't get off their phones, while checking out, long enough to show the coupon.