8-Wheels Plus 8 Motors Equals 1 Fast Hybrid

Not too long ago, we showed you the Covini CW6, the six-wheeled supercar with a top speed upwards of 180mph. For many, six wheels were more than enough to keep them occupied. For some reason though, someone out there wanted more. Enter the all electric 8-wheeled Eliica.

You heard right, this behemoth has 8 patches of rubber touching the pavement, and it makes use of every single one when under full acceleration. According to performance data, the Eliica can hit 60mph in just under 4 seconds and then 3 seconds late be in triple digits. Not too bad for 2 cars put together sporting 4 doors.

Responsible for providing this torque are 8 small electric motors mounted at each wheel. Every individual motor makes about 80 horsepower and are controlled by a central processor to ensure no wheels get to much power.

The cost to own on of these 8-wheeled traction gods is set at $255,000. This is also pending even more sponsorship that is needed to finish developing the vehicle.


Jan 11, 2009
by Anonymous

it doesnt say how much mpg

i noticed in the video that it did not say how much mpg it gets, im sure its gotta be bad considering how heavy its gotta be with the eletric motors. i would reall like to know how much mpg it gets.

Jan 13, 2009
by Anonymous

Its electric, this version gets 200km per charge........

Look it up on youtube, you can find several videos about the car, it's been an ongoing project for some years now, hopefully we will see it on the streets someday....