$99 Windows 8, Bay Trail Tablet: KingSing's W8

In an effort to get more Windows 8-based tablets out there, Microsoft decided to make the operating system free for devices with screens smaller than nine inches diagonal. Generally when you purchase a Windows device, a fraction of the cash payed goes straight to Microsoft. Not so, anymore, for smaller tablets.

This move has allowed, for example, Toshiba's $199 Encore 2 to hit the market, but GizChina is reporting that a Chinese outfit dubbed KingSing is looking to undercut that Toshiba by a cool $100.



Like the Encore 2, the KingSing W8 has an 8” IPS panel with a 1280x800-pixel resolution. An Intel Bay Trail-based chip “humming away at 1.8Ghz” lurks inside, with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. Nicely, you get an HDMI video output and a micro SD memory card slot, plus front and rear cameras.

Predictably, network connectivity is limited to WiFi. Beggars can't be choosers.



Of course, it wouldn't be smart to think that the KingSing W8 will be a miracle tablet. That finish is likely just cheap plastic, and 1GB of memory won't allow for much multitasking. Still, those looking for full Windows software compatibility in a compact system ought to be very interested.



Unfortunately, nope, I haven't heard of KingSing, either, and GizChina says that availability details are “expected to be released within the month”. Those on this side of the ocean should watch for the KingSing W8 at places like AliExpress.com, which import goods direct from China.

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