9 Best Places To Dine In Summer 2009: Top Restaurants Around The World!

Summer is here, and with the kids about to begin their summer vacation at school's end, it's time to spoil yourself and your family and one of the best ways to get the feel of a vacation is to eat out at some of the most exciting restaurants on offer around the world. So, in honor of summer, here's the top 10 food and restaurant businesses around the world.


9. Sommergrill

What could be better than a nice summer day and a Copenhagen beach where a gourmet BBQ meal is delivered right to you? While you're basking up the sun, Sommergrill will deliver everything you need to have a delicious BBQ and you don't need to worry about a thing!

8. Minibar

 After a long day of sitting on the beach, you're probably dying to get something cold to drink, and there's not much worse than waiting around to be served by an overburdened cocktail waitress at the local bar. Instead, hit up Minibar, a new bar and dining establishment where you simply help yourself from a selection of food and drinks from a fridge that you have exclusive access too. Not only will you be able to avoid waiting around for service, you'll also save a load of money by not have to tip!

7. Yellow Treehouse

For your summer wedding or event in New Zealand, offer your guests a unique and whimsical dining experience by choosing Yellow Treehouse, a unique and sustainable pop-up building nestled deep in the woods and resting in its very own tree. With this dining venue, it's more about location than what you have to eat that will make for a memorable experience!

6. Cat Cafes

Next time you find yourself in Japan, check out their unique cat café. Whether you don't have a pet at home, but love animals, or you're missing your own furry friends during your world travels; the cat café will give you a chance to sit down for a café style meal and relax in the company of your favorite felines.

5. Inamo

This is another restaurant that caters to the self-service types, and offers a dining experience that will be best appreciated by you techie-types. All ordering at Inamo restaurant can be completed through touch screens located at the tables, so patrons don't need to be pestered by servers waiting to take their orders. For those who like full-disclosure in their dining experiences, patrons can also watch a live feed connected them to the cooks in the kitchen.

4. Charlie's Burgers

If you want a unique dining experience this summer while taking advantage of Toronto tourism, you can try Charlie's Burgers but you may not be invited. This exclusive restaurant hand selects their patrons by allowing those looking to dine at their events a chance to answer a food-related survey. Those who are selected, receive covert directions to an exclusive dining location, where despite the name, they are treated to a 5-star dining experience.

3. Pink Flamingo Pizza

The Pink Flamingo pizza restaurant in Paris is perfect for those looking to have a romantic summer picnic while visiting the city of love. Diners simply need to place their order, and choose their outdoor location along the Seine; once they've found an ideal location to enjoy the summer sun, a delivery person will identify them by the pink balloon they'll be carrying.

2. Dinner in the Sky

For those who like a little bit of adventure in their dining experiences and want to make the most of the warm summer evenings, Dinner in the Sky allows them to host their events and have a fine-dining experience. The unique part about this restaurant experience is their location; you'll enjoy your meal suspended in the air!

1. Hospital Restaurant

Not for the faint at heart, but for those who are looking for a unique and unforgettable dining experience, this Hopital Restaurant follows a restaurant theme through and through. Servers and restaurant staff are dressed as naughty nurses and doctors, meals are served on gurneys, and dishes appear with medical tools and syringes to complete the dining experience.